Admissions Process

Applicants to the MSTP must meet the academic criteria and requirements of the University Program of the CWRU School of Medicine. In addition, the CWRU MSTP requires 1 year of college Calculus and strongly recommends a course in Biochemistry.

Please see the School of Medicine Admissions page for important general information about the application process, but follow the specific instructions below to apply to the MSTP.

1. Complete the AMCAS application and apply to CWRU School of Medicine. Check boxes to indicate interest in MD-PhD study and provide relevant information.

2. Once the Admissions Department receives your AMCAS application, they will send you an email with a link to the CWRU School of Medicine online secondary application (iApply). Be sure to check the box in the secondary application indicating that you’re applying to the MSTP. If you also wish to be considered for the University Program or College Program please mark the corresponding box as well.

3. You will need to send the application fee, as specified in the secondary application.

4. You must submit 3-5 letters of recommendation. The recommendations should come from people sufficiently familiar with you to assess your academic preparation, abilities, and accomplishments. Letters from research advisors are particularly important. All letters of recommendation must be submitted to the AMCAS letters service.

5. Application deadlines are November 1 for completion of the AMCAS application and December 15 for the completion of the CWRU secondary application. If you are unable to meet these deadlines, please contact the MSTP office to see if an extension of the deadline is possible.

6. Transcripts need not be submitted at the time of application, but all students who are accepted must have original, official transcripts submitted from all post-secondary schools that they have attended. These transcripts must be submitted at the time of acceptance to finalize admission to the program and are required for matriculation.


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