The MSTP interview process takes a day and a half, and includes your School of Medicine (University Program) interview. You'll need to arrive in Cleveland the evening before the first day. In most cases one of our students will meet you at the airport and take you to dinner and then to your hotel. The MSTP will reserve a hotel room for you for the first night, and you'll share the room with one or two other applicants. You'll spend the second night at the home of one of our students. The MSTP covers the cost of all lodging, meals, and ground transportation while you're here, but you must pay for your own airfare.

You will interview with members of the MSTP Steering Committee as well as other MSTP mentors whose research focus matches your interests. When we schedule your interview, we'll ask you to look at our mentors list and tell us which faculty you'd like to meet with, and we do our best to include them in your schedule.

Your interview itinerary also includes School of Medicine information sessions, and two School of Medicine interviews. One interview is with a member of the Admissions Committee, and the other is with a current medical student. Both the student and the Admissions Committee member will write an evaluation and make a recommendation to the Admissions Committee. The School of Medicine Admissions Committee will forward its decision, based on input from both the student and faculty interview, to the MSTP Steering Committee.

The MSTP Steering Committee meets once a month to review interview evaluations and make admission decisions.

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