Brendan  M  Barton

Entering Class: 2014
PhD Program: Pathology/Immunology
Advisor: Nicole Steinmetz, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Rochester
Hometown: Abington, PA.

Research Interests: I am heavily interested in building scientific understanding of the immune system for application to diseases with strong immune-mediated components, including both cancer and autoimmunity.

About me: I have a penchant for crossword puzzles and books that expand my mind, triathlons here and there, and performances by the Cleveland Orchestra. Outside of that, I am very adventuresome - I love to travel near and far for new experiences and cuisines.

Comment about the MSTP program:

Featured Publication:

Additional Publications:

Barton, B. M., Xu, R., Wherry, E. J. & Porrett, P. M. Pregnancy promotes tolerance to future offspring by programming selective dysfunction in long-lived maternal T cells. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 101, 975987 (2017).

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