Kathleen  L  Plona

Entering Class: 2012
PhD Program: Genetics & Genome Science
Advisor: Mitch Drumm

Undergraduate Institution: Ohio University
Hometown: Painesville, OH.

Research Interests: Characterization of rare genetic disorders with a focus on 3D cellular modeling for metabolic diseases.

About me:

Comment about the MSTP program:

Featured Publication:

Plona K. Kim T. Halloran K. Wynshaw-Boris A. Chromosome Therapy: Potential Strategies for the Correction of Severe Chromosome Aberrations. 2016. American Journal of Medical Genetics.

Additional Publications:

Kim T. Plona K. Wynshaw-Boris A. A Novel System for Correcting Large-Scale Chromosomal Aberrations: Ring Chromosome Correction via Reprogramming into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC). 2016. Chromosoma.

Salles FT, Andrade LR, Tanda S, Grati M, Plona KL, Gagnon LH, Johnson KR, Kachar B, Berryman MA. CLIC5 stabilizes membrane-actin filament linkages at the base of hair cell stereocilia in a molecular complex with radixin, taperin, and myosin VI. 2014. Cytoskeleton. 71(1):61-78.

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