Summer Retreat

The annual MSTP retreat is a two-day student organized event focusing on professional development and program planning for the upcoming academic year. We also leave time for plenty of time for fun! The retreat is typically held at one of Ohio's beautiful state parks.

On the first day, students, faculty, and staff typically attend lectures and participate in workshops on such topics as Grant Writing, Financial Planning, and Research Techniques. The afternoon is often spent participating in sports or just relaxing by the pool. The evening of the retreat is topped off by a fine dinner accompanied by a speaker invited to talk about a general interest topic. Then, students collect for their favorite event of the year: MSTP karaoke! You'll get to see our own Cliff Harding perform his karaoke rendition of The Allman Brother's "Melissa."

The last day of the retreat includes research presentations by students in the PhD phase, workshops, and panel discussions focusing on the transitions to the PhD phase and the return to medical school. The afternoon is then free for outdoor activities including fishing, swimming, and golf.