Council Minutes for April  2015:

Persons in Attendence:

12 students and Cliff Harding



Summer Retreat: speakers and agenda are in the final stages. We are still looking for one more internal scientific speaker and a leadership speaker. Paul Tesar will be our dinner speaker.


Responsible Conduct of Research Seminars: we are hosting the October event. We would like to have a topic and faculty advisors picked out by June. Cliff has a Data Reproducibility Training Module that we could use as a foundation for an RCR session. PhD1s will be in early May, to plan to lead the session, after board study.


Revisit Weekend: this weekend (April 17th-18th): please help out with evens this weekend. Council will hold a lunch on 4/17 at 1 pm to talk about MSTP Council and other MSTP activities. Nisch and Christian are good student contacts, if you have questions.


Intro to MSTP: Zita is working on finding a good vendor for the MSTP sweatshirts


Graduate Student Senate (GSS): Brendan attended the last GSS meeting: Graduate Student Appreciation Week was last week, GSS continues to lobby for more money for stipends and travel, as well as better dental health care. GSS (Graduate Student Senate) and GPC (Graduate Professional Council) also recently merged to form the GSC (Graduate Student Council). They have approved a fiscal policy for the new governing body and are now working on electing executive board members. We will continue to monitor this process to make sure we are adequately represented within the medical and graduate schools.


Committee on Medical Education (CME): service awards were recently given to School of Medicine (SOM) staff Siu Yan Scott and Sharon Callahan. The SOM has been awarded a Microsoft Early Adopter grant, which will provide more touch screen displays for students, as various med school teaching/training tools. Desks for the first and second years will change over the summer: the four society lounges will be cleared of desks and “widened”, preparing the space for the new users, once we have the new medical school building. During this transition, first and second years will not have their own desks, though they can petition Dean Ricanati for a personal desk, if they need one. SSEQ testing will be done using temporary desks, which will be moved into the enlarged society rooms, during testing times only. SOM is attempting to provide more written and personal mentoring guidance for students, as they try to choose a medical field and undergo the application process.


Social: sign up for the Brewery Tour with Kevin Allan! There are still some spots left. He will be sending out confirmations to those who signed up shortly. Council proposed that we use dinner funds towards covering the cost of Mitchell’s Ice Cream on West 25th, after the brewery tour. We look forward to seeing you there!






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