Council Minutes for April 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

Summer Retreat→ Robert Doms, HIV and West Nile, MD PhD, at Penn

Andrew Blum

Paul Lin

Phil Larimer

Elisa Chiang

Nikolai Sopklia

Jason Molitoris

Tom Brown

Tom Ladas

Daimon Simmons

Cliff Harding

Michael Lobritz

Justin Hartupee





Summer Retreat→ Robert Doms, HIV and West Nile, MD PhD, at Penn

Summer Retreat key note speaker will be Robert Doms, studies HIV and West Nile, MD PhD, currently at Penn

Mark Chance doing proteomics workshop

Still need a dinner speaker, asking Richard Hanson to talk about history of Case, next option is JB Silvers from law school, followed by lawyer from the Cleveland Clinic



Social May 3 at Jillians for the ping pong finals

paintball in Chardon at Pinnacle Woods, looking for sometime in early May

whirley ball being set up by an MSTP alum


Physicain Scientist Day

Dr Fung, chief of transplant at CCF, MD/PhD, runs a basic science lab

he is local so there is flexibility in scheduling


Agre This months speaker is Richard Walsh, Chair of medicine at UH

will be informal, question and answer

next month Dr. Lederman



Cliff setting up a lunch for students to talk to this years graduating MSTP class

graduating students will talk about their experiences in the program and in applying for residencies


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