Council Minutes for April 2007:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz

Tom Foutz

Tom Brown

Daimon Simmons

Vipul Sheth


Cliff Harding

Justin Hartupee

Paul Lin

Vicki Nelson

Shibani Mukerji

Matt Kalp

Bishr Ad-Dabagh




MSTP Council Meeting

MSTP Council Meeting


            Released last month, very nice

Send photos if anything happens.


Monthly meeting

            Perhaps do a medical mystery case?


Summer Retreat

            Anyone interested in serving on panel on behalf of departments


Donna’s Dinner

            Very successful

            We will have an opportunity to donate in the coming weeks.  We’ll be receiving an e-mail


Agre Society

            Had a meeting with Dr. Bone

            Check e-mail this week about meeting next week, Dr. Reswick

Next month

            Speaker: MSTP director at UNC


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