Council Minutes for April 2008:

Persons in Attendence:



MSTP Council Meeting 4/8/2008

Cliff’s Update:

·         Admissions

o   Revisit went well.

o   Question and answer session:

§  A lot of questions overlapped with the Med School Q&A

§  There were many questions about the new curriculum, and only one panelist new anything about the new curriculum.

§  Next year we may start with a set series of questions to start things off and get people thinking.

o   Saturday they were with the MD students most of the day, then they were taken on a walking tour of the campus and Little Italy.  Then the students were taken on a bus tour to see examples of where students were living.

·         We are where we want to be with admissions.

·         Shooting for about 13 incoming students.  We have extended offers.

·         Quite a few of the students seem to be very serious about coming here.


Summer Retreat:

·         Monday July 7th and Tuesday July 8th

·         Two Workshops:  Grant Writing and Ethics

o   May reconsider the Bioethics Speaker at the summer retreat because Insoo Young will be talking at the Monthly Meeting.

·         Matt proposes to replace the second workshop with IQ cases that people could work on in groups.

·         Possibly could replace it with a team-building workshop.

o   “Bringing the picnic back”

o   This could be contiguous with lunch or right before dinner.

o   For the First Years:

§  Maybe a breakfast before the retreat to meet each other.

§  Then an activity for the First Years to meet the Second Years.

o   It might be better for them to meet each other the day before the retreat.

·         Dinner speaker will be Richard Hanson

·         Cliff needs to confirm with McGuire for the Grant Writing workshop

·         Need to decide if there will be a second workshop or not

·         Need to pick a second scientific speaker for the morning on Tuesday, July 8th

o   Going to contact Palczewski

·         Panels for transitioning to PhD and to Medical School

o   Chris and Serendipity are working on the “Transition to PhD Phase”

o   Still need to find people for the “Transition to Med Year Three”

§  Debarshi and Henry are going to email the rising Fourth Years


Community Service:

·         The book drive that was previously set up did not work out, they were going to send our books to hospitals in Columbus.


Agre Society:

·         Speaker next week – Tuesday, April 15th at 4:30pm in the Rainbow Babies and Children's auditorium

·         Farmarz Ismail-Beighi, Clinical and Molecular Endocrinology at UH


Monthly Meeting:

·         Insoo Young is coming up next, this month late or early in May.

·         That will be the last Monthly Meeting for the year.


Rep to GSS:

·         Budget came out, the Senate had an extra $5000 this year.

·         Elections were held.

·         Preliminary results of the RTA vote were not released.  Maritza does not think it will pass.

·         The next big issue is to roll back $500 tech fee.  PeopleSoft has been paid for, so the money is just being put into a slush fund.


-          Strategic Planning Meeting will be tomorrow at Wolstein at 5:00.

-          This will be a brainstorming session to figure out problems.  There will be a future meeting to discuss solutions.


-          Last council meeting will be in May.


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