Council Minutes for April 2009:

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Council Meeting Agenda for April 7, 2009


Key Highlights

** Recruitment/Interview Committee

Just want to thank everyone who helped out with revisit weekend.  Kathy also says thank you for orga= nizing tours, etc.  Would like feedback on this.

Suggestion is to shorten housing tour, two hours was a little too lo= ng (5 places), everyone was tired.  May try to find places closer together, and limit to three places.  (Waldorf, overlook apartment, owned house).  M= ay also try to shorten walking tour.

Council and Q and A was good.  Could have started a little earlier.  Would also lik= e to move to the room at the top of the BRB if it's open.  


Vicki is going to organize students to call accepted students that a= re undecided about attending. 


Committee Reports


** Summer Retreat Committee **

We are really excited to announce that Dr. William Gahl from the NIH will be our keynote speaker for this summer's retreat!!  = Will probably be a dinner meeting.  Our next step is to start recruiting on-campus speakers... we might send out another email to see if anyone has any particular suggestions for that.&nbs= p; Regarding the workshops, we're planning on an ethics workshop (replacing the grant-writing workshop) and potentially a seminar on new sequencing techniq= ues and resources available on campus.  Ideas for the ethics workshop included something on translational research (maybe genetics) or having several people come to talk about both clinical and basic research issues.  Student panel on entering the wards will be kept as a breakfast meeting.  Panel for those ente= ring the first year may also be kept a little more informal than the traditional panel. 


 ** Intro to MSTP Committee **

Trying to get sweatshirts ordered but not much has been done yet.  If anyone in t= he first year wants to do this, talk to Kathy.


** Community Service Committee **

·         Habitat for Humanity Project Update - should have details for the next meeting. 

Date is in late

Fund raising - either a bake sale or a possible poker tournament at = the Jolly Scholar. 


** MSTP Women’s Group **

Molly and Bridget are looking for suggestions for a new advisor.

Lunch meeting is also the


** Monthly Meeting Committee **<= /b>

Speaker scheduled for late April.  Emily Pontzer= is working on this. 

Meeting for May is the graduation party. 


** Web Page Committee **

Kathy suggested we get a few students to look at the website and recommend update= s.   For example, the Ask a Student page is out of date, so we need some = new names here.  We also have a st= aff person (Pete Spanos) to help us with the website therefore we should be able to implement changes fairly quickly.  Coun= cil recommended several changes a while ago, but most were not implemented beca= use of the webpage committee’s time constraints.  Now that recruiting season is done and we have some more time, it would be really nice to get t= he website looking better.

List of suggested updates should go to Kathy to be forwarded to Pete Spanos.


** Newsletter **

Probably won't be done this year.


** Social Committee **

Everyone had a good time at W= hirlyball last week.

Social committee would like to begin organizing MS= TP paintball outing in June.  A p= ortion of the cost will be covered by the MSTP for students, others will be able to come and pay the whole cost.


** MSTP Rep to GSS **

Updates from the GSS about Health Care Survey - fi= ll it out.  A referendum was put together to sent to president snyd= er about health insurance.  Denta= l care and general cost are the two major issues to be adress= ed

Also want to advertise the Grad/Pro Council.<= /o:p>


** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council **

Pay increase in July to 25000.

Tuition payments may change for medical school departments to a different office.  (don’t really know details).    




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