Council Minutes for April 2010:

Persons in Attendence:

Emily Hamburg
Meredith Sorenson
Charlie Wang
Paul Lin
Cliff Harding
Chris Ryder
Tom Ladas
Vijay Pandyarajan
Teresa Evans



MSTP council meeting 4/6/10

All revisit students are accounted for

Revisit weekend

MSTP student council lunch meeting

-          Highlight the high points

-          Powerpoint with pictures of us being social

o   Get pictures from G Tom

o   Get pictures from other people

o   Need to remind the rest of the committees to come to the student lunch

§  Cliff will let Kathy know to send out an email

§  Tom will follow up with an email tonight

§  Maybe meet up a little bit earlier somewhere and talk about what we want to say at the lunch


o   Q&A with M3/M4 people, get them to show up?

-          Talk about non council things

o   Summer/winter retreat

-          Escorts for faculty interviews?

o   Kathy, Donna, Bart, Cliff will take care of escorting them in groups

-          Reiterate that the students are staying at the Intercontinental suites and not the hotel

o   Let them know they can walk from the Suites to the Hotel

o   Shuttle will be available to take them there

-          Saturday dinner

o   Lots of faculty/students will be there to talk to

o   They will then go to corner alley

GSS election

-          Next week

-          Need people to actually be there to vote

o   Pick our next GSS rep soon

Habitat for Humanity

-          No project for habitat for humanity

-          This Saturday there is a Case Spring into service event with spots available

Summer Retreat

-          Meyerson will do a workshop

o   Director of diagnostic flow cytometry

-          2 uncertainities

o   Getting the older students to speak in a panel

o   Getting Cooper to come

-          Tell people to get there at 845 to not miss the Jet express

-          Lodging

o   4 queen beds to one suite area with a common area

o   Can we get more rooms?

-          Panel discussion

o   People on panel and first years need to come on the first ferry

o   Paneling order

§  Leave panel on Tuesday if we don’t have the M3 panel

·         Default pathway if we assume M3s won’t show up

§  Exactly what is written down on the agenda

·         if M3 can make it do the transition to PhD phase at the same time

o   Leahy

§  Good speaker

§  Had him 3 or 4 years back

o   Cooper

§  Clinician

§  Smart at research

§  Clinical trial research

§  Very broad perspective

§  Cliff will pester him to come

o   Fabio Cominelly

§  Chief of Gastroenterology

§  Researcher in inflammatory bowl disease

Student speakers need to be shifted back 15 minutes

-          Will get a 15 minute break in between the students and the 1130 speaker

$10 parking for overnight

-          Need to carpool or we will have to pay for it

-          May cut into our alcohol budget if people don’t carpool

-          Organize a carpooling list for the retreat


End of the day Wednesday

-          Will be up to the individual

-          Will have a list of things to do

-          Perry monument

-          Charlie will work on extra activities that can be organized


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