Council Minutes for April 2011:

Persons in Attendence:

Chris Ryder
Joe Vithayathil
Brent Cameron
Robert Hyde
Chuck Su
Tom RIchardson
Meredith Sorenson
Tom Ladas
Paul Lin
Vijay Pandyarajan
Teresa Evans
Clifford Harding



April 2011 MSTP Council Minutes 4-12-11

Summer Retreat

Derek Abbott for a science talk
Mark Adams is a tentative yes for NextGen sequencing
Aaron Proweller for dinner talk

Day 2 morning panels (picking a PhD and returning to M3)
Teresa and Kathy are heading search for M3 panelists
Student talks
Alison Hall- grants workshop
Biggest hole is keynote speaker (requests led by Dixon, with JIH)

Suggestion for possible keynote is Story Landis (because of her connection to CWRU)
Other possible speakers:
Buszaky at Rutgers
Craig B.Thompson at UPenn
Skip Brass at UPenn
Tom Reese

Agreed on order to add to end of current keynote list: Landis, Thompson, Buszaky, Brass

Cliff and George will address student speakers
Teresa and Kathy will arrange for M3 panelists

2nd Look Weekend Revisit
Kathy and the MSTP leaders would like feedback about what went well and what did not go well (the latter may be more imporant)
Have a large group of offers out this year

Graduation party
May 4th at Wolstein
Please send any ideas to Kathy

Kumar offered to help update website rather than switching to Med School server
Would allow for addition of F series grant databank
Additional suggestion is to create an FAQ for this as well
Discussion of password protected grant applications on website versus collection maintained by Kathy/Bart
Some information is included in the MSTP handbook
Need to collect successful grant applications, get input for FAQs, advice on putting together a successful application



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