Council Minutes for April 2012:

Persons in Attendence:

Persons in Attendance: Vijay Pandyarajan, Meredith Whitney, Tom Richardson, Charlie Wang, Bryan Benson, Kirkland Wilson, Abner Murray, Gloria Tavera, DaShawn Hickman, Pam Marcott, Anna Henry, Heather Connelly, Marisa Winkler, Emily Hamburg, Joe Vithayathil, Teresa Evans, Chuck Su, Alex McMillan, Grant Zimmerman, Alex Tong, Cliff Harding



April 10, 2012


Committee Reports

1.     Summer Retreat Committee

2.     Revisit Weekend

3.     Next month’s council meeting

4.     Student mentorship program

5.     MSTP graduation party

6.     Social Committee

7.     Representative to GSS

8.     Community Service Committee


Summer Retreat:

Anna and Pam announced that the local speakers have been finalized.  Alex Huang will speak Monday morning, Lan Zhou Monday after lunch, Sandeep Kishore Monday evening, and Nicole Steinmetz Tuesday afternoon.  Meredith suggested scheduling a consistent 45 minutes for each of the internal speakers’ talks, and an additional 15 minutes for questions.  Cliff offered that we could add an extra 15 minutes to the keynote to allow time to explore career advancement issues with the keynote speaker Dianna Milewicz.  Additionally, Lan Zhou will likely only need 45 minutes total since most of her presentation will be a group discussion.


Next, Pam asked what the students want for retreat souvenirs.  Council voted to do T-shirts this year, with logo coffee mugs as a backup plan.  Vijay will have Jane solicit T-shirt designs again, so any students with design ideas should submit them.


Revisit weekend:

Vijay reported that the MSTP would be hosting a large group of 17 admitted students this year.  Volunteers are still needed for Thursday night airport pickups.  Additionally, Thursday night we will have a monthly meeting featuring Dr. Jamie Grifo, a CWRU alumnus.  There will be a lunch on Friday at 1 p.m. to introduce the revisiting students to MSTP Council; all students are welcome to attend, and should RSVP to Jane.  Teresa also requested volunteers to join the walking tour of campus.  Vijay also asked people to respond to Jane’s request for students to eat breakfast on Friday morning before Cliff’s introduction to the MSTP.


Council meeting next month:

Vijay stated that the current date (5/8) conflicts with the CTSA meeting.  Cliff also will be out of town that day.  Council decided to move the meeting to Tuesday 5/1 at 5:45.


Mentors program:

Vijay stated that all mentors have been emailed, and hopefully they will contact their first-year students soon.  The mentoring should be informal, ideally to discuss summer plans and upcoming rotations.  Heather asked how the pairings were done.  Meredith and Vijay replied that students who indicated a preference got their choice, and students who did not send choices were assigned based on compatibility and common interests.  Bryan asked whether the first-year student or the mentor should email Kathy with updates following the meeting.  Vijay said that the mentor should.  He also asked everyone to contribute feedback about improving the program, since it is new and a work in progress.


Graduation party:

The party will be on May 2 in the 4th floor student lounge.  Cliff stated that there would be the usual panel discussion from graduating students to talk about residency selection and other topics.


Social Committee:

Gloria announced plans for whirly ball and a thank-you event for students who helped during recruitment season.  She stated that the events would likely be in June since exams and vacation travels are towards the end of May.


Representative to GSS:

Bryan stated that the GSS is working on parking.  While he did not think med students and biomedical grad students were particularly affected, if anyone is having issues with parking he will bring them up.  He also will send Kathy or send the list relevant GSS updates for MSTP students.


Community Service Committee:

Alex reported that the MSTP and med students volunteered at the men’s shelter.  People who went enjoyed it, and we are hoping to do similar events in the future.


Next monthly meeting:

The M1 class is planning a monthly meeting for May, after their block 4 exams.


Representative to BGSO:

Grant reported that the grad student symposium is coming up 5/9.  Teresa also announced a presentation 4/11 on making a PowerPoint, and Meredith announced an event on 4/12 for making presentations and posters.


Women’s group:

The women’s group recently met over lunch.  The next event has not yet been scheduled.


Intro to MSTP:
The first-year class has $30 per person left to spend, by the end of June.  They are looking forward to doing either paintball or a music video.


Next MSTP Council meeting: Tuesday May 1, 5:45 p.m.


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