Council Minutes for August 2016:

Persons in Attendence:

M1 - Otis Pinkard III, Muta Abiff, George Luo, Raza Haider, Willie Miller-Little, Dan Jindal, Muta Abiff, Michelle Cruz, Jennings Luu, Emma
M2 - Alicia Vagnozzi, Bowen Zhou, Aaron Talsma, Uriel Kim
PhD1 - Zita Hubler, Andrew Morton, David Sweet, Nathaniel Robinson, Kevin Allan, Michael Babinchak, Yorleny Vicioso, Brendan Barton
PhD2+ - Alex Gooding, Abner Murray, DaShawn Hickman, Anna Henry, Christian Anderson, Alex McMillan, JT, Kirkland Wilson, Evelyn Ojo, Anna Czapar, Claire Mazahery, Nischay Rege
Directors - Dr. George Dubyak, Dr. Clifford Harding



MSTP Council Meeting Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

T501, 6:15PM

Agenda Items


CME Update (Nathaniel)

_      July Update

_      Block 7 Anatomy recommendation: more technology (e.g. laptops), more radiology needed (and this is currently being worked on)

_      Block 8 FCM recommendations: more integration, need more administration for PD

_      New policy for appealing grades


MSTP Women’s Group (Zita)

_      Update on the BBQ last Sunday



_      October session again organized by MSTP

_      We did this last year. PhD1s (last year were Stevephen and Claire) took over in recruiting a faculty for this last year

_      Michael Babinchak and Kevin Allan organizing this

_      No insights on same or different topic.  Talk to Paul McDonald to see if he has any thoughts


Mentoring and Inter-year Socializing

_      Establishing mentor/mentee pairs

_      Looking for PhD or older to establish a way to connect mentors and mentee

_      Claire Mazahery volunteered to do it

_      Social event being planned for Sept. 10

_      Other socializing thoughts:

_      Socializing at a get together after every other monthly meeting

_      Doc opera dance for MSTP song will be Tuesdays at 8 PM.  Having after the monthly meeting could encourage attendance.


Committee Elections

A.    GSC

a.     Brendan Barton

                                           i.         Willie Miller-Little alternate

B.    CME

a.     David Sweet

C.    Communications

a.     Christian Anderson and Emma Schroder

D.    Social Committee

a.     Michelle Cruz and Kevin Allan

E.    Intro to MSTP

a.     Michelle Cruz and Katrina Piemonte

F.    Faculty Council

a.     Anna Czapar

                                           i.         Alternate: Michael Babinchak

G.   Women’s Group

a.     Claire Mazahery and Yorleny Vicioso

H.    Community Service

a.     Nathaniel Robinson (point person), Yorleny Vicioso, and Otis Pinkard

b.     Ideas for mentorship

                                           i.         We could have a more longitudinal John Hay mentorship program? The bridge program.

                                          ii.         Horizons

                                         iii.         take high school student into the lab

I.      BGSO

a.     Bowen Zhou and Dan Jindal

J.     Alumni

a.     Anna Henry, Nischay Rege

K.    Class Officers

a.     M1 - Otis Pinkard

b.     M2 - Uriel Kim

c.     PhD1 - Michael Babinchak

d.     PhD2 - Joseph Tanenbaum

e.     PhD3 - Nischay Rege

f.      PhD4+ - DaShawn Hickman

L.    Summer Retreat

a.     Jennings Luu, Raza Haider, Bowen Zhou


Other updates

Cliff nominates Alex as pointman for the F30 presentation in Feb.  He also thinks that we might want to have an MSTP council committee for it in the future.

_      Should we do it in October for the December deadline?

_      Nischay suggests that we might want a breakout group at the summer retreat for people who want to submit at the August deadline


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