Council Minutes for December 2005:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz
Thomas Cowan
Justin Hartupee
Obinna Ndubuizu
Elizabeth Chiang
Cliff Harding
Daimon Simmons
Tom Ladas
Dans Ryman
Mark W Ruszczycky
G. Thomas Brown
Paul Lin
Brent Weinberg
Nikolai Sopko



Winter retreat

Next meeting: January 31st


Winter retreat

Have a speaker, in process of getting 6 students


February 7th, 2005


Summer Retreat:


Keynote, Inside:

Eric Topol-Provost, Cleveland Clinic, Dept. of Cardiology

Arnold Kaplan-Stem Cell, historical prospective on Stem Cells

Joe Lemano


Dinner speaker:

Maria Siemionow –Face Transplant

Lawrence Krauss-“Physics of star trek,” or speak on evolution

Peter Tippett-wrote anti-virus software that later became Norton

JB Silvers-Health Care policy, from law school

Les Webster-History of case MSTP

Bariatric Surgery

Neuroscience of Learning

(Richard Hansen-History of Cleveland-possibly for next year?)


Potential speaker list:

Lewis Stout-NIH
Eric Handel

Robert Donnpenn
Tim leigh-wash u
Chris walsh-Harvard (neuro)


Workshop Ideas:

Mark Chance-Proteomics

Chris Flask-Small imaging core

Grant Writing workshop

“How NIH works” workshop


Lunch idea, possibly have a student lunch, with each table arranged according to their interests. Needs to be more organized than last year’s “venting session”.

Or, maybe not just by interest, but more organized according to stages in program, and possibly get a cut of multiple different points of view.

A critic noted that very little information “changes hands” in these forums, and it doesn’t really matter what the format is. We need lunch anyways.


New Web Page unveiling!

Check it out at

January Tuesday the 17th-Web Page



Awaiting articles


Monthly meeting:

Next Wednesday:

Dr. James Edrickson

Photography dissection

3rd floor Wolstein


Mark Adams-January


Agre Society:

Need to meet with Dr. Miller

Meeting next week


Physician Scientist lectures:



Social Committee



Community Service:



Faculty Council




Once a month, Thursday at noon

Tom Brown volunteered




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