Council Minutes for December 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz

Tom Foutz

Jason Molitoris

Thomas Cowan

Vicki Nelson

Shibani Mukerji

Austin Schenk

Justin Hartupee

Elisa Chiang

Vinod Singaram

Vishal Patel

G Tom Brown

Serendipity Zapanta-Rinonos

Laura Kopplin

Matt Kalp

Cliff Harding

Christopher Ryder

Brent Cameron

Obinna  I  Ndubuizu

Lindsay C Burrage




·        Winter retreat jan 24 25

Dr. Koretzky MD/PhD

From University of Pennsylvania

Signal transduction Department Chair


He arrives on Wednesday, we were thinking about doing a dinner with all students who are interested

We want to break up the day

Start day with student presentations in the morning, at 11:30AM

Some students might miss the first talks. However, it allows us to break up the day’s schedule.



·        Summer retreat committee

Quail Hollow-Most likely

Sawmill Creek


o       Possible Keynote Speakers:

§         John Donahue-Brown-Neuroscience

§         Chris Walsh- Harvard-Neuroscientist

§         Tony Winshaboris-Case Alum-Fantastic Speaker


o       Other interesting speaker choices

§         Aaron Ciechanover-Israel at Washington University-Discovered Ubiquitin

§         Todd Gold-Mayo Clinic Florida-Molecular Neuropathology-Case MSTP alum

§         Mike Gloats

§         Ajit Varki-San Diego-Glycobiologist

§         Lauren Lowenski- Microbiologist

§         Lewis Chodesh-Breast Cancer-Penn

§         Anjin Chen-Neuro

§         Michael Yafee-MIT-Protein phosphorylation Case Alum

§         Dennis Slammin-Herceptin

§         Lewis Stout-Leukemia-turned us down last year


o       Internal

§         John Litario-Ped Hem/Onc-Clinician and a Researcher-Signalling, cytokines

§         Morikawa

§         Pam Davis

§         Cynthia Beal-Anthropology

§         Mark Penn-Cleveland Clinic

§         Lawrence Krause-Physics Professor



§         We usually have two outside speakers: 1 distant, one relatively local

·        We can have workshops and another science talk by Case Western Faculty

·        Try to find someone who has good science background

·        Also want someone that will be of general interest

·        MD/PhD is always nice, but not crucial


·        Physician Scientist

o       Allen Schwartz-In October of next year he said he would be willing to speak


·        Monthly Meeting


·        Agre Day

o       Dr. Tyler miller will select a speaker

o       Same day as our holiday party

o       Go to the holiday party instead. They don’t have a speaker yet


·        Community Service

o       Toys from Case and the Clinic

o       New and used

o       City Mission only takes new toys

o       Used toys to salvation army

o       On 14th we’ll take them down to city mission

o       From 2-7PM to wrap gifts

o       Sign up for 1-2 hour time slots

o       Bring a toy to Christmas party to donate


·        Intro to MSTP

o       Have a dinner before heading out


·        Early on in PhD phase, try to submit grants for individual research fellowship

§         Looks good on record

§         Provides for funding stipend (helps out your PI)

§         Allows training related expenses

§         Computer

§         Travel money

§         Possible stipend supplementation if your grant pays more than stipend

§         Home Department- might supplement your stipend by 2000 per year

o       Include your training plan

o       What are you doing now to become a past/present/future academic physician

o       What have you already done?


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