Council Minutes for December 2007:

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MSTP Council Meeting Minutes: December 4, 2007

December 4, 2007



NIH Site Visit.

·         Will happen on or after January 28th

·         Will need mock site visit before real visit.

o   Reviewers/Faculty from other universities

o   Three NIH program staff

o   Will interview Cliff and administrative program leaders

o   Will meet with faculty representatives

o   Will meet with three different groups of students

·         Real visit will be similar to mock visit



·         Kathy brought paper materials to show us what the applicants get

·         Kumar mentioned:

o   Thanks to Kathy, Donna and Henry

o   Recruiting changed this year

§  Hotel on the first night, student host on the second

§  Getting the Med School more involved

§  Kathy added pictures to the excel sheet that goes out to hosts

·         He drafted a letter to the applicants that’s been going out to them.

o   Congrats on getting and invite

o   If you have any questions let us know

·         Henry drafted a second letter for the post interview contact

o   Thanks for interviewing

o   Any feedback they provide is separate from the interview

o   Invite them to the “feedback” website, which includes a survey

·         Feedback

o   Has been largely positive

o   They seem to have a hard time with the medical school pre-interview chit-chat

·         Right now all of the accepted women candidates have been called by a member of the women’s group, but so far none of the men have been followed up with.

o   All of them should have received the call from a member of the steering committee.

·                     We don’t have a planned activity for the next group of applicants.

o   Bowling is booked all over town

o   Rock bottom brewery followed by improv was suggested

o   Whirly-ball was suggested

·         There have been complaints about the “Large group dinner”

o   It wasn’t clear which interview group/dinner the complaint was from

o   Generally the groups go to dinner based on when they arrive at the airport

o   Even if big groups go to a restaurant they should break into smaller groups at the restaurant

o   Ideal, two current students have dinner with two or three applicants

·         Women’s Group should be more visible

o   Some recent applicants were concerned about the paucity of female MSTP students, and didn’t know that there was a Women’s Groups

o   The Women’s Group should get a link on the website and post pictures and a statement

o   The idea of putting an asterisk next to the name of each woman on the student list, was suggested.

o   Each minority could also get an asterisk

o   The above two ideas were rejected

o   Adding links to grad-student, women’s group, and minorities groups through the school, (perhaps the CRS activities page) was suggested.


Winter Retreat

·         January 17th, at Wolstein, 9:30 am à

·         Traditionally everyone in their research years should do a presentation or report

·         Speaker, Head of NeuroBiology at UCLA, Marie Francois-Chesuley(SP?)

o   She does not see patients

o   Starts at 10am, goes to 11am

·         There will also be two poster presentations

·         Everyone is expected to be there


MSTP Google Calendar

§  It’s up!


Summer Retreat

§  The issues with Punderson are resolved, we’re going there!

§  The agenda for this year’s retreat still needs to be put together

o   Presentation on the program

o   Something outside the straight research presentation

o   We’ll have some student speakers

o   A guest speaker

§  Were the panel discussions helpful for students?

o   People indicated they were helpful

o   Serendipity could do it again and maybe involve someone else so that they could do it again next year with another individual

Monthly Meeting

§  November’s was very poorly attended

§  Was apparently an excellent talk

§  There is not one scheduled for December

§  The next one is scheduled for Thursday January 10th, 2008


Social Committee

§  Holiday Party will be at the Case Manor on December 11th, 2007

§  Caterers are done

o   We can either bring our own

o   If someone has a beer choice it can get picked up

§  There is no-one supplying music as of right now

o   Otherwise we get Donna’s Christmas Music

§  Dessert Contest

o   So far only 5 people have signed up

o   Kumar is bringing Egg-Nog

§  Everyone who wants to play board games should bring them


Agre Society

§  Clark Distelhorst spoke

§  There was data shown but he more talked about how his career unfolded


Book Drive

§  Look for an email regarding it.

§  There will be an approximately month long period when people can drop off books.



§  Put off until next month, despite Kumar’s desire to speak.

§  There have been emails regarding the domain name

o   We don’t want to lose the address

o   There needs to be more discussion on the topic

o   Most students are opposed to changing the address

§  Web-site committee has been told into looking into domain options and talk about it next meeting.



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