Council Minutes for December 2008:

Persons in Attendence:


1st Year Medical School:
Ryan Fecteau
Max Freeberg
Dominic Hinckley
Meredith Sorenson
Joe Vithayathil
Ling Wu
Tony Scott
Michelle Jennings
Emily Pontzer

2nd Year Medical School:
Debarshi Mustafi
Henry Goodnough
Teresa Evans
Vijay Pandyarajan
Maritza Rosales
Kumar Sukhdeo
1st Year PhD:
Brent Cameron
Chris Ryder
Robert Hyde
2nd Year PhD:
Tom Ladas
Vishal Patel
Kendrick Shaw
Vinod Singaram
3rd year PhD:
Matt Kalp
Laura Kopplin
Ravi Patel
Vishal Patel
4th Year PhD:
Paul Lin
Clifford Harding
Total in attendance: 28



Council Meeting Agenda


Reminder: Council meeting is today (Tuesday, 12/9) at T501, 5:45pm


Council Meeting Agenda for December 9, 2008


Winter Retreat

Several speakers in mind, waiting for responses.

Will try to organize posters by department

Are going to try to appoint a student for each department to serve as a "point person" for younger students, and invite faculty with the purpose of meeting potential students during the poster sessions.  Will also try to identify mentors by department, probably on name tags. 


Any students planning to graduate in the next year from the PhD, should email George to make sure this is known and to try to arrange a talk at the winter retreat if they have not yet given one.

If students want to volunteer to give a talk and has something interesting, they should email George.  If extra slots are available, these people may have a chance to give a talk.  


Discuss Potential Speakers for monthly meeting or retreat

New faculty that are alumni from our program

Steve Maricich (neuro research, new Assistant prof)

David Wald (cancer, new faculty in Pathology)

Possibly NancyAndrews, MD, PhD.  Dean Duke Medical School if is in town for another meeting (from the dean's office).  May also end up being a separate meeting. 


** Recruitment/Interview Committee

Tuesday/Wednesday format appeared to work well, still waiting for feedback from students. 

Social chair is going to help organize recruiting events.

Jillian's only serves pitchers on Thursdays and have taken out the air hockey tables, so suggesting going somewhere else. 

Phil Larimer would like to organize, and go to Mongolian Barbeque and Wine Cave


Committee Reports


** Summer Retreat Committee **

Either Geneva or Sawmill, still waiting on estimates from both.  Will then start working on speakers. 


** Intro to MSTP Committee **

No repor


** Community Service Committee **

Looking to organize something for late winter or early spring.  If anyone has ideas, email to Chris Ryder. 


** Liasons to Agre Society **

No report.


** MSTP Women’s Group **

No Report.


** Monthly Meeting Committee **

- November:  Second year class invited Dr. Joseph Fagan from the department of Pyschology to give a talk intelligence testing.


-Jan instead of Feb because of winter retreat – The current 4th year MSTP class is responsible for organizing the next monthly meeting.   

Possible speakers

Steve Maricich (neuro research, new Assistant prof)

David Wald (cancer, new faculty in Pathology)


Could consider organizing another type of meeting with a speaker (like Thanksgiving dinner last month) if interested.


** Web Page Committee **

No report.


** Newsletter **

No report.


** Social Committee **

1.             1. Holiday party will be tomorrow at the College Club.  We will be having the dessert contest again this year and steal-a-gift game (gifts should be less than $15)

2.             Nikoli would like to organize a paintball event later in the spring for anyone interested.  We would have to pay for ourselves since no budget is approved for this. 


** MSTP Rep to GSS **

No report


** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council **

No report.




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