Council Minutes for December 2009:

Persons in Attendence:

Vijay Pandyarajan

Maritza Rosales

Tom Ladas

Teresa Evans


Brent Cameron

Joe Vithayathil

Antony Scott

Robert Hyde


Matt Kalp

Charlie Wang

Rick Arlow

Chris Ryder

Lucian Sukhdeo

Kumar Sukhdeo



MSTP Council meeting 12/8/09

Winter Retreat

-          Definitely February 17th

-          Main speaker already invited

-          Need to figure out the people who need to give a talk

-          Keynote speaker early afternoon

-          Timings not worked out

-          Format is usually

o   One outside speaker

o   Student speakers

o   Maybe change for future years?

Future Speakers

Charis Eng

                At Cleveland clinic well published

January monthly meeting

-          Scott simpson – he will be here at least til January 20th, maybe put him on the 14th

-          Great lakes is a bust


April monthly meeting is by the first years

-          BME topic?


David Kellber

-          Graduated from our program

-          Takes heart sounds and puts them into the computer to detect heart murmurs



-          Physiology conference room may be a little cramped

-          Not as good view

-          But it is closer to where most of the interviews take place

-          3 stars out of 4 according to Tony

-          Students that are being interviewed are very strong

o   Things are going well

o   About half way through the process

o   Projected class size

§  13 is minimum  possibly up to 15

§  Budget has not been determined yet

§  Cliff would like to grow our program to at least 15 per year

-          Not too many programs are much bigger than ours

o   About 40 MSTP programs nationally

o   We’re in the upper 35 to 40% of programs

-          Cliff is attempting to get more funding through the school

o   We’re at the beginning at a funding cycle

o   The number of funded slots has gone up from 27 to 29

o   CTSA has increased our slots by 11 so we are now at 40 funded slots


Summer Retreat committee

-          July 6th and 7th

-          Still waiting to hear back from Kathy about Put-in Bay

o   Some numbers might be available now that Kathy is less busy

-          Put-in Bay issues

o   Timing is a big issue

o   Maybe go later into the afternoon the second day

§  Will that mess up the incoming students schedule

·         Photo id and computer session

o   Where is the convention center?

§  Is there stuff for us to do there?

-          List of speakers has been formed just need to be contacted

o   Charis Eng as an internal speaker?

o   Maybe have people who do techniques we might actually do?

o   Howard Myerson

§  Flow cytometry technique speaker

§  Has a new instrumentation grant that takes pictures of the individual cells

o   Structural biology speakers

§  Neutron diffraction crystallography

§  Electron diffraction crystallography


·         Eckhard Jankowski as a possible speaker

o   Dinner lecture

§  Need to come up with ideas for this

§  E-mail the program to ask?

Intro to MSTP committee

-          Next Thursday they are going to happy hour/dinner

Web Page Committee

-          People need to update our personal profiles

-          Send out an e-mail out to the class

-          Put titles on the pictures/change them

o   Link to Gtom’s pictures?

o   Kumar will work on this

Community Service

-          GSS is planning a canned food drive

-          Nothing planned until spring habitat for humanity event

Women’s group

-          They are having a dinner tomorrow night at Dr. Skalweit’s house

-          Donna has set up a meeting with Dr. Pam Davis to be able to talk with her

Faculty Council

-          Dr. Armitage gave an update on the committee of medical education

o   Working on evaluating alumni of the new curriculum

o   Contact and survey them and the residency directors that accepted Case students

o   Sister schools in our consortium are being contacted

§  1st year residents and 4 and 5th year classes

o   Interested in what students have to say about this issue

-          Dean Ornt

o   3 minor points

§  Medical student access to health care

·         Lack of time to access

§  Verbage was different between the Lerner college and the college medical program about student teacher relationship

§  University program has endowments for two lectureships that had fallen by the wayside

·         Been renewed to try and get these speakers

·         Very influential lecturers

·         Richard Zigman in neuro is responsible for inviting these people

·         Oliver Smitties?

§  Noble laureate

§  Transgenic technology

·         Mike Greenberg


§  Fall speaker

·         Rodger Chen

o   Let Cliff know if we want to talk to these people

o   Accredited until 2017



o   Didn’t have a defined role

o   So Alison Hall came by

§  People complained about finding resources

§  Society Dean type structure for graduate programs

·         Single or several for the school

·         Mentoring, administrator functions

§  Most of these issues do not affect the MSTP

o   Alison Hall has compiled a list of all the alumni from all the graduate departments

§  Cliff mentioned a database that is being compiled for grant writing

§  Kathy has a list of MSTP alumni that we can contact about residency if we are interested in finding out about programs

o   IBMS 500

§  The ethics class is changing

§  Adding a mentoring relationship

§  Grant writing

§  NIH grant requires periodical ethics talks


MSTP list serve is now on the Med school list serve

-          We are not getting multiple emails


Vijay Pandyarajan

Maritza Rosales

Tom Ladas

Teresa Evans


Brent Cameron

Joe Vithayathil

Antony Scott

Robert Hyde


Matt Kalp

Charlie Wang

Rick Arlow

Chris Ryder

Lucian Sukhdeo

Kumar Sukhdeo


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