Council Minutes for December 2014:

Persons in Attendence:

Several MSTP students



1. Summer Retreat Speaker List:

1. Paloma Giagrande

2. Brad Bernstein

3. Steve Goldman

4.  Catriona Jamieson

5. Steven Miller

- Going forward with contacting speakers, retreat organizers will use the template from Kathy and customize it to each speaker and their interests.

- Donít expect a response to first email – wait one week – then give second email with a deadline (ďif we donít hear from you by ____ we will assume you are not available at this timeĒ)

- Copy an administrative assistant if possible

- Maumee Bay was decided on as the first choice for the 2015 summer retreat location

2. Graduate Student Senate:

- Starting an alumni mentoring program – 20 person pilot group this year

- Graduate Professional Development Conference Jan 30th

- Happy Hour and Free Bowling at Corner Alley Uptown Friday at 3 pm

- KSL grad student only room available for use

- CWRU Psychology Clinic – reduced rates – psychology students overseen by professionals

- GSS/GPC Merger – 1 slot for MSTPs (we elect), 2 for MDs, (?) for PhDs in School of Medicine – unfilled/extra seats go to next most populous group

3. Intro to MSTP – purchasing sweatshirt/jackets and camping trip

4. Womenís Group at Pitt – Doctoral Directions Conference March 2015– CWRU will plan a breakout session (Anna C. and Zita)


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