Council Minutes for February 2007:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz

Tom Foutz

Ravi Patel

Paul Lin

Tom Brown

Daimon Simmons

Justin Hartupee


Matt Kalp

Cliff Harding

Laura Kopplin

Brent Cameron

Christopher Ryder



Intro to mstp

  • Intro to mstp
    • Went to a cavs game


  • Interviews activity
    • tabboggoning was awesome


  • Newsletter:
    • G Tom has taken pictures


  • Agre
    • Nothing last month
    • Meeting next week, 4:30
    • 10th floor Lerner tower
    • Speaker TBA


  • Community Service:
    • Maybe something in June


  • Winter Retreat
    • Some people wished that faculty would have spent more time checking out the posters


  • Summer Retreat


    • 1st day
      • Cliff/George
      • Tony Winshaw Boris
      • Lunch
      • 3-4 students
      • Break
      • Workshop on imaging-Duerk
      • Grants-Mike McGuire
      • Break (softball,)
      • Dr. Pam Davis dinner speaker


    • 2nd day
      • Admin overview
      • John Letterio
      • Council presentation
      • Lunch
  • Cliff’s time:
    • New information Technology Fee
      • MSTP stipends will be increased 500$
      • This should cover the tech fee, if your program is not paying for it
    • CPCP: (This section is only for students in the first 2 years of Med School right now)
      • Clinical Curriculum for MD students
      • Students should opt out of this, so that they can take clinical tutorials in PhD years
        • This would need to be patient based, not radiology, etc.
      • Online Component


1.     Option 1:

a.     Take CPCP in spring

2.     Option 2:

a.     Take clinical tutorials, with a patient based program

3.     Option 3:

a.     Take CPCP in fall, but only if you have your lab decided upon

o      New part of curriculum for MSTP’s

a.     Want to add course into first two years

                                                        i.     Perhaps literature based

                                                      ii.     1.5 year curriculum

                                                     iii.     divided between two years

                                                     iv.     PhD phase students would conduct this

                                                      v.     Noon hour mt


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