Council Minutes for February 2008:

Persons in Attendence:

1st Year Medical School:

Teresa Evans

Henry Goodnough

Debarshi Mustafi

Maritza Rosales


1st Year PhD:

Thomas Ladas

Vishal Patel

Vinod Singaram


2nd Year PhD:

Matt Kalp

Laura Kopplin

Ravi Patel

Serendipity Zapanta Rinonos


3rd year PhD:

Paul Lin


4th Year PhD:

Marjorie Montañez-Wiscovich


4th Year Medical School:

Mark Ruszczycky     



Cliff Harding


Total in attendance:  16




·         NIH Site Visit Report by Cliff:

o   The NIH site visit went extremely well, confirmed by participants from every group.

o   The reviewers seemed to be happy the entire day.

o   Skipp Brass thought the students in our program did well.

o   The review process still has to go to the study section, but we are optimistic.

o   The study section will meet in mid March.  We will get our priority score within a week after that, but even after that funding is not guaranteed because it is based on available funds and the level of support we are asking for.

·         Summer Retreat

o   Working on the nominations for the keynote speaker.

§  Susan Linquist, Robert Dardell, Juanita Merchant (Michigan, GI research), and some others.

o   Workshops

§  Grant-writing: Mark McGuire

§  Ethics: we are considering asking Jessica Berg, Atwood Gaines, Eric Kodish, or anyone else we can think of

·         Possibly organize a discussion led by panelists

·         Divide into two groups for easier discussion among fewer people

·         Ethics sidebar – in our program we get ethics training from a few areas:

o   IBMS 500

o   Advanced ethics opportunities

o   Monthly meeting – not really ethics training, but more a presentation of the speaker’s research

o   Dinner Speaker

§  Invited Richard Hanson to talk about his “Mighty Mouse”

·         Physician-Scientist

o   This Thursday, alumnus Alan Schwartz will be visiting

§  Pediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis

§  Very active in promoting MD/PhD training, has participated in national forums

§  Students can have lunch with him

o   Sharon Plon

§  Will be speaking in April, hosted by the Genetics department

§  Baylor MD/PhD program, nationally involved

§  Might split her time, one session to speak with Women scientists, the second open to all MSTPs

·         Agre Society

o   Meeting next Tuesday, 4:30pm, back at the top of Lerner Tower

o   John Sedor, nephrologist from Metro

·         Monthly Meeting

o   Two more for the year

o   March 20 – Courtney Gray McGuire, Gen/Epi Department

§  Topic: What is Gen/Epi?

§  She’ll also discuss her career

o   April – hopefully Insoo Hyun will come and talk about stem cell ethics

o   Thank you to all who came to “Cookies for Cliff”

§  Cliff thanks everyone as well

o   Announcement related to Gen/Epi

§  The group Seattle SNPs is coming April 10th and 11th for a workshop on the new wave of genetics.  Contact Laura if you want to register.

·         This is primarily for the Gen/Epi and Genetics students, but some of us can attend if we wish.

o   Matt thinks we have too many meetings overall that the MSTP sponsors, and they are diluting the attendance at these meetings.

§  This issue has been brought up in the past.

§  Paul says we will discuss this at a future meeting.

·         Webpage

o   Women’s group website has been set up.

§  Includes some accomplishments from female MSTP students

·         Rep to GSS

o   GSS was going to allow us to have a senator, but the Vice Dean disagreed.

o   Cliff contacted the Dean, who agrees and contacted Kevin Spears the GSS president

o   The issue will be discussed at the next GSS Executive Council Meeting

·         Social Committee

o   Got the orchestra tickets, a lot of people wanted to go but couldn’t

§  Ravi has information about a program where students can get discounted tickets

o   PhD Comics guy is coming this Friday


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