Council Minutes for February 2009:

Persons in Attendence:


1st Year Medical School:
Dominic Hinckley
Emily Pontzer
Ling Wu
Tony Scott
Brad Martin

2nd Year Medical School:
Debarshi Mustafi
Teresa Evans
Sungho Lee
2nd Year PhD:
Tom Ladas
Vinod Singaram
Vishal Patel
3rd year PhD:
Ravi Patel
Nikoli Sopko
Laura Kopplin

Clifford Harding
Total in attendance: 15



Council Meeting Agenda


Council Meeting Agenda for February 3, 2009


Key Highlights

** Welcome two new students joining our program

Brad Martin (first year-MD) and Sungho Lee (second year-MD)



** Recruitment/Interview Committee

Revisit Weekend April 2-5

Students come in Thursday evening, Friday is MSTP revisit activities.  Friday evening and into Saturday is the MD revisit. 

Dinner with Faculty and students will be on Saturday night (instead of Friday night to avoid conflicting with MD revisit activities).  MSTP activities will probably be limited on Friday night.  After dinner on Saturday may let students rejoin the MD class for activities. 

Students like tour of students houses with the MD/PhD students.  Kumar would like to pass on the task of organizing a lot of this, since he'll be busy. 



February 17th interview date, Nik Sopko is hosting dinner.  Will send out details later. 



** Winter Retreat

1.            Stan Gerson is the keynote speaker

2.            Steve Maricich will also be speaking: 30 min on his research, followed by a Q&A on his career development

3.            10 student speakers

4.            Still looking for "point people" for each department. Some departments have volunteers, Vishal will send those in other departments requests.  Point people can look at the MSTP approved mentors on the MSTP web page to see who the approved mentors are, this is updated.  

5.            Kathy would like these people to help set up poster stands at 8:00 am.  (Laura and Tom) and also take them down in the evening (1st and 2nd year students?)

6.            Second poster session will be held simultaneously with the reception (4:30 - 6:30)

7.            Will ask faculty to judge each session, Vishal will work on organizing this. 

8.            Kathy has sent out an email to all approved MSTP mentors inviting them.

9.            Ravi will put together a note to MSTP mentors that new students will be directed to departments during the poster session to meet potential mentors. 



Committee Reports


** Summer Retreat Committee **

Looking for speakers, the organizers should talk to Cliff about possible choices for speakers.  Invitations should probably be sent out soon to make sure speakers are available since this is near July 4th.  Dates for the retreat are July 6th and 7th at Geneva on the Lake.


 ** Intro to MSTP Committee **

No report.


** Community Service Committee **

Still working on Habitat for Humanity.  May be able to work with the Case group and avoid funding issues, will look into this more. 


** Liasons to Agre Society **

No report.


** MSTP Women’s Group **

No Report.


** Monthly Meeting Committee **

Winter retreat will replace monthly meeting for January.

Also, since Revisit is in April, the 1st year class will organize the monthly meeting in late March or in April away from the revisit. 


** Web Page Committee **

Cliff and Kathy are planning on hiring an outside developer to make changes and update the website.  This person works with the BSTP office and has done their website.  Also, he is currently setting up an alumni directory that can be updated by alumni for the med school and/or the BSTP, and so Cliff and Kathy are looking into having it also done for the MSTP.


** Newsletter **

No report.


** Social Committee **

End of the year whirlyball event to thank MSTP students for help with recruiting.

Will probably be Wednesday March 18th, need to check dates, will at least try to find a day that week.   


** MSTP Rep to GSS **

No report


** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council **

No report.



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