Council Minutes for February 2010:

Persons in Attendence:

Charlie Wang Joe Vithayathil Rick Arlow Brent Cameron Chris Ryder Cliff Harding Teresa Evans Tom Ladas Vijay Pandyarajan



MSTP council notes 2/9/10

Winter Retreat

-          Everything has been finalized

-          Looking for one more faculty judge

-          Gifts for poster award winners?

o   Gift cards?

§  Cannot give cash prizes with the training gift

o   Go to the Case store and pick up Case items

§  Gift receipts with them so they can be returned for cash

o   Email Chris, Jason or Kathy if gift ideas come to mind

-          Speaker is scheduled will not be there for the entire event

o   Leaving around 3 PM

-          Posters will be grouped by department

-          Speakers grouped loosely by topic

-          Reminders need to be sent out to the mentors to attend

-          Will there be a point person for directing faculty/ students who might be interested in an area


Monthly Meeting

                No meeting in February/ March

-          Next one in April

o   1st years are looking into getting the Face transplant surgeon

o   Already on the schedule


Recruiting notes

-          Make phone calls to people who were accepted

o   Probably by people who interacted with the interviewees

-          Revisit weekend

o   April 9th weekend

o   Lots of meetings scheduled with the prospective students

o   Friday evening

§  Artists in medicine with regular MD students

§  Do we want to do the MSTP council spiel?

·         We did it last year, but we do it at summer retreat usually

·         Importance of MSTP council

o   Do a powerpoint with the pictures of all the stuff we have done

·         6th floor wolstein conference room

o   Conference room setup

o   Projector been fixed?

o   Saturday

§  Meeting with MD program schedule

·         Do we want to pull out students during the less relevant parts?

§  Evening

·         Alumni dinner with the regular MD students

·         Mentors and student dinner for MSTP folks

·         Unknown who will be at this dinner

·         Customized to the applicant pool

·         College Club last year

·         Dively Center

o   Part of the weatherhead school to use

o   Maybe do it here this year

o   Catering is pretty good

o   Student housing

§  Intercontintental?

·         May be less synergistic this year

·         Maybe put them at the glidden house

o   Right next to Dively center


-          Recruiting liason for revisit weekend

o   After Winter Retreat Kathy will turn to the details of the revisit weekend


Summer Retreat

-          Put in Bay

o   Booked?

§  Kathy tells us it is available

-          List of speakers

o   Key note

§  MD/PhD Northwestern clinical research in targeted muscle reinnervation

·         Todd Cukin (sp?)

·         BME/Neuroscience

§  Dr. Cuncle (NIH)

·         Unknown type of research

§  Cliff will look at the list and give some input

o   Local People

§  Dr. Rosenbaum chief of Cardio at Metro

·         Said he was interested in coming

·         Live calcium imaging

·         Some second year student is going into his lab

§  Karris Eng

§  David Kelber

·         Alumnus of Case MSTP

·         Med/Peds residency here

·         Back at UH

·         Bioinformatics?

·         200 point EKG

§  Howard Myerson

§  Eckhard Jankowsky

§  Structural

·         krystof Palczewski

o   Rick will organize the list and send it to Cliff

-          Research talks

-          Workshops

-          Should tell the school of medicine about our plans

o   So the MSTP people get scheduled for the end of the week


Intro to MSTP

-          Went to Darna


Community Service

o   Contacted the president about responding to email

§  Trouble with funding

§  We should do some fundraising for them

·         Chris would like some help

·         Bake Sale

·         Poker Tournament

o   Jolly Scholar could host it

·         ShowCASE

o   Glom onto this and charge cover

§  Unclear how much money exactly is required to do this

o   Still try and do habitat for humanity

-          Relay for life?

o   Do we want to have a MSTP team?

o   Someone from the MSTP asked the coordinator


Women’s Group

-          Lunch with Dean Davis Friday


Rep to GSS

o   Neither of them were at GSS

o   Voting on how GSS is run

o   Healthcare issue

§  Tabled


BGSO rep

-          Meeting on Thursday


New office staff

-          Donna is probably going to be fully retired soon

-          Cliff and Kathy may put out an ad for a new office person

o   Student involvement in recruiting?

§  May meet with the last couple of finalists


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