Council Minutes for February 2012:

Persons in Attendence:

Vijay Pandyarajan, Tom Richardson, Kirkland Wilson, Abner Murray, Grant Zimmerman, Joe Vithayathil, Teresa Evans, Heather Connelly, Marisa Winkler, Chuck Su, Pam Marcott, Anna Henry, Maritza Rosales, Emily Hamburg, Jeff Krimmel, Paul Lin, Alex McMillan, Chris Ryder, Gloria Tavera, Cliff Harding



February 14, 2012



1.     Summer Retreat

2.     Revisit weekend

3.     Monthly meeting

4.     Communications Committee

5.     Representative to Faculty Council

6.     Community Service Committee

7.     Representative to BGSO

8.     Food ideas


Summer Retreat:

Pam announced the selection of the keynote speaker.  The CWRU MSTP is delighted to invite Dianna Milewicz, MD, PhD, President George H. W. Bush Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine and Director of the MD/PhD program at The University of Texas at Houston to give our summer retreat keynote address.  Anna next announced that we should develop the list of internal faculty speakers for the retreat scientific sessions.  Vijay suggested first developing a list of topics for talks, and then narrow to a list of speakers who could present on those topics.  Anna stated that she received speaker suggestions for the following topic areas: ethics, microscopy/imaging, non-coding RNA, drug delivery, orthopedics/BME, and neurosciences.  Cliff stated that in the past the summer retreat has had four scientific sessions or technical workshops given by internal faculty.  Pam and Anna reported that one of these sessions is already allocated to Sandeep Kishore, the invited student speaker who will present his work in international health; they feel Sandeepís topic would work well for the dinner seminar.  Council agreed that one of the remaining slots be an ethics talk, and supported inviting Insoo Hyun.  Council then voted on the remaining two slots, and chose to invite speakers representing to topics microscopy/imaging and drug delivery into cells.  Next, Council voted to invite Alex Huang to give the microscopy/imaging talk (followed by Arthur Heuer, Judy Drazba, and David McDonald), and Nicole Steinmetz to give the drug delivery talk (followed Shigemi Matsuyama and Horst von Recum).


Vijay reported on the proposed joint summer retreat with the OSU MSTP.  The current OSU retreat consists of a dinner the first night and a full second day consisting of mainly programmatic sessions, but the OSU MSTP student leadership is open to including more research-oriented sessions if they were to join us for a retreat.  The timing of both programsí summer retreats (early July) would work.  Maritza raised the issue of planning research sessions since our current system is to invite an outside keynote and several internal faculty, and planning would never happen if we had to get approvals from both programs before making decisions and sending invitations.  Cliff felt we should clearly delineate planning responsibilities for each program, and offered that we could extend our second day to participate more with the longer second day with the OSU students.  Vijay asked if MSTP Council was still interested in doing a joint retreat.  Chris and Emily felt that we should pursue it, provided the OSU students can participate in more research sessions with our program, since collaboration and exchange of scientific ideas are the main reasons for doing a joint retreat.  Anna suggested we share a middle day: start the Case retreat program with our usual program updates, then proceed with joint research sessions, and split off again before the OSU second day when they do their programmatic sessions.  Vijay thought we could also split off and overlap these sessions so each school has its own dedicated time.  Paul suggested to expand the time allotted for student speakers to incorporate both programs.  Chris and Maritza favored doing a poster session, including an evening session with socializing, and Maritza also advocated for professional development sessions.  Council favored moving forward on the joint retreat, and so Vijay agreed to gather more information.  Paul suggested forming an ad hoc Council committee to come up with more concrete plans and coordinate with OSU leadership.  Vijay nominated Gloria and DaShawn since they were involved in initial planning, and Gloria agreed to help.  Cliff asked them to include Kathy in making plans and keep him updated as well.


Revisit weekend:

Council next addressed issues related to revisit weekend and the proposed monthly meeting-type seminar with Dr. Jamie Grifo, a Case MSTP alumnus who will be visiting campus the same weekend.  Tom reviewed the prior meeting minutes, stating that Council discussed two options: a later Thursday evening dinner seminar, to allow time for MSTP students to pick admitted students up from the airport and return to campus, or a Saturday brunch seminar.  Cliff stated that Saturday morning would not work for Dr. Grifo, and that his travel schedule has him arriving in Cleveland around 5 p.m. Thursday April 19.  Council agreed to try for a 7:30 dinner seminar with Dr. Grifo, and as many current and revisiting students as can make it.  Emily suggested having dinner served at 7 p.m. to keep the whole evening on track, and so people donít have to wait too long for dinner.  Vijay next asked if Council had any further ideas on the location for the Saturday dinner with current students and faculty.  Cliff was concerned that any area restaurants would be too small for this event and too expensive to rent out.  So, Council agreed to have the dinner at the College Club again.  Heather stated that she is not concerned about using this venue, since it will still be new for the admitted students.  Cliff next wanted to address several areas where student participation is critical.  MSTP Council attends the lunch on Friday April 20, and the campus walking tour and area housing tour on Saturday need student participation.  The M1 students agreed that this Saturday tour event was popular last year.  Teresa and Chuck will manage the campus walking tour this year, and Abner will manage the housing tour with support from Emily.  These tours represent a break in the schedule from the MD program revisit, where the MSTP gets the applicants back for the tours and College Club dinner, and then the applicants rejoin the MD revisit for Saturday evening socializing, usually downtown.


Monthly meeting:

Dr. Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann will give the monthly meeting seminar on Thursday, February 16.  He is the Lepow Day keynote speaker and all MSTP students are welcome at that seminar as well.  For monthly meeting, he will give more of a career-oriented talk.  Cliff encourages everyone to come hear him speak.


Teresa raised an issue regarding Lepow Day.  She was informed that there was a computer glitch and the Office of Medical Student Research lost all MSTP studentsí submitted abstracts.  As a result these abstracts were not included in the research program and were not assigned to poster sessions or judges.  She stated that all affected people should contact Kathy and Todd Fennimore to clear up any issues.  Cliff stated that he would follow up regarding these ongoing issues involving MSTP students and School of Medicine IT systems.


Communications Committee:

Vijay reported that we are still contacting applicants, and that so far only one person has declined Case admission.


Representative to Faculty Council:

Vijay stated that many issues were discussed, but none pertaining directly to the MSTP.  Most issues involved other dual degree programs, and the upcoming name change for the Genetics department.


Community Service Committee:

Vijay reported that Alex wanted to solicit interest in doing something with the menís shelter or the food bank.  Possible dates are February 26 or March 4.  Email Alex if interested.


Representative to BGSO:

Wanda Kuperus is coming to campus to give a career talk.  Also, BGSO is planning further professional development workshops for the spring.


Food ideas:

Email Bart if you have suggestions for new caterers, since the University is revisiting their vendor contracts.


Social Committee:

Gloria reported that the Social Committee would touch base again after the application season has ended.  Whirlyball, paintball, or laser tag are potential activities.


Womenís Group:

Teresa announced that a lunch in March has been scheduled.


Representative to CME:

Joe reported that the CME is looking to change the 3rd and 4th year curriculum, rolling some advanced cores from 4th year into basic cores in 3rd year.  Chris stated that 3rd year used to consist of four four-month blocks: research, medicine/surgery, family medicine/obstetrics-gynecology/pediatrics, and neurology/psychiatry.  Now, all cores will be eight weeks: medicine/geriatrics, surgery/emergency medicine, neurology/psychiatry, etc.  This system will work better for MSTP students since there is increased flexibility for starting back in 3rd year, essentially offering a start date every other calendar month.  Chris will take responsibility for compiling a list of 4th year electives that do not require completion of 3rd year cores, so students have a list for what they can do if they return on an off month (i.e. October).  Cliff stated that any issues with MSTP students being told they cannot return in November should be resolved, since this was a miscommunication on the part of the School of Medicine registrar.  Any students having further troubles scheduling their return to 3rd year should contact Cliff, Kathy, and registrar Siu Yan Scott.


Cliff announced one other change that is affecting the Case MSTP and others nationally.  ERAS will now accept deansí letters three to four weeks earlier than before.  Students will need to work with their Society Deans earlier and complete rotations earlier if they want to solicit letters of recommendation from those rotations for their letter packets.  Students will also need to decide on their choice of residency earlier in order to get critical rotations arranged earlier.  Vijay asked whether this change affects 4th year at all, besides timing of the letters.  Cliff replied that it does not change anything about graduation, only that students will need to plan out their decision-making rotations earlier to get their deansí letters completed earlier, and that the Society Deans will have to complete their work on the deansí letters earlier than before.  This change will make it harder for people who are indecisive about a specialty when they get to 4th year.  Cliff and other MSTP directors wrote a letter of concern advising against this change, but it went forward regardless.


Other business:

Cliff announced that Dr. Leslie Websterís winter retreat talk on the history of the CWRU MSTP would be posted on YouTube.


Next MSTP Council meeting: Tuesday March 13, 5:45 p.m.


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