Council Minutes for Food 2009:

Persons in Attendence:

These folks have volunteered to bring us our food!

September: Charlotte Chung. Cyc10

October: Meredith Sorenson, mas87

November: Vishal Patel, vxp43

February: Robert Hyde, rah38

March: Kyle Scarberry kas202, Tom Richardson , etr16, Marisa Winkler, , mlw107

April: Joe Vithayathil, jxv101, Tony Scott: ajs181

May: Kumar Sukhdeo: kxs321



For those ordering food for MSTP Council meetings, here are some guidelines and instructions. &nb= sp; Plan for enough food for about 15 - 20 people. If you can, look at the past meetings to get an idea of how many people usually show up. For example, it looks like in the past only 11-14 people have been showing up to the January meetings, so you might want to order enough food for 14-16 people. If there is a little extra that is okay, we just try to avoid too much excess. = &nb= sp; The total cost should not exceed about $150 unless we're sure that there's going to be a large turnout (25 or so). It's pretty much up to you as to where to get the food and what kind, but the price limit does help to make that decision. Pizza is always a good choice, either from Mamma Santa's or Valentinos. Burritos from Chipotle have worked in the past. A taco/burrito variety<= /span> platter from Mi Pueblo is popular. We have had salad and wraps from Aladdin's. You can ch= oose whatever you think would be best, but try to pick something that we didn't = have at the last meeting. Donna may have some other ideas that I am not remembering, so you may want to ask her for some suggestions. &nb= sp; If you p= lan on picking up the food yourself, then it may be easiest to order the food by calling up the restaurant and directly placing the order. If you want= the food delivered, then we use This is very easy to <= span class=3DGramE>use, there are cards with instructions in the MSTP off= ice, although the web site is fairly self explanatory. The restaurants that have catering= menus are probably your best bet. Y= ou can pay for the food yourself with your credit card and have Donna reimburse yo= u, or you can stop by the MSTP office or send Kathy or Bart an email and they = can order it for you and charge it directly to the MSTP. Itís often easier to do it yourself, and you get points or whatever on your credit card (if you do that). &nb= sp; The food preparation/ordering doesn't really take too long. You can place your orders either the day before or the morning = of the council meeting. If you&#= 8217;re using delivermefood, a few restaurants want at = least 24 hours notice, so try to look ahead of time and decide what youíre going to do. Try to arrange f= or the food to arrive here between 5:30 - 5:45. If you are picking it up yourself, you may want to schedule your pickup for about 5:15 or 5:30 so that you have enough ti= me to get back here. &nb= sp; The only thing left to consider is the drink cart. We usually try to pick up t= he drink cart from the MSTP office no later than 4:30pm the day of the meeting= so that Kathy and Donna can lock up the office. Make sure the cart is lo= aded with enough drinks (estimate everyone having 2 drinks) and try to provide a good selection. Also remember to put napkins, plates, and silverware = on the cart just in case we will need them. These items can be found in = the file cabinet next to where the cart is stored. Last, remember to bring the white table cloth so that we can cover the cart. When you go to t= he MSTP office you can ask Donna or Kathy to help you find all of these things. &nb= sp; So at 4:= 30 bring the loaded drink cart upstairs to T-501 and place it in the conference room (or in the entrance area if the room is occupied) and cover it with the table cloth. At 5:35 or 5:45 you can uncover the drink cart and arran= ge it next to the side table where you will put the food. Then dinner pr= oceeds as usual. After dinner you should put all the remaining drinks, silve= rware, plates, etc. back on the drink cart and cover it up again with the white ta= ble cloth. We leave the covered drink cart in the room overnight and Donna will come and get it the next morning. That sho= uld be just about everything. If I'm forgetting something or an item is unclear please ask! Any of the officers should be able to help, or feel free to ask Kathy. Good luck= !


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