Council Minutes for January  2015:

Persons in Attendence:

About 25 students and Cliff Harding



-Summer Retreat: We have a keynote speaker: Paloma Giangrande of University of Iowa.

-Winter Retreat: Date: March 3rd in Wolstein Auditorium. John O'Shea from the NIH will be our keynote speaker (Immunology: JAK-STAT signaling pathway and T cell linage). As always, there will be many student posters and talks.

-Doctoral Directions Conference @ UPitt, March 5-7th: CWRU Faculty Marion Skalweit will be leading a breakout session. Anna Czapar and Zita Hubler will also be organizing a session. CWRU MSTP students are encouraged to attend. If you are interested in attending, email Anna C. and Kathy.

-Reminder: Complete your MSTP Individual Development Plan (IDP) as soon as possible. You can choose who your adviser will be for this purpose.

-Student Mentoring Program: Nelson Hsieh is the new Head of Student Mentoring (congrats!) He will work to match first years with upper class mentors by winter retreat.

-January F30 Grant Writing Session: In lieu of a January monthly meeting, we will hold an F30 grant writing session. This has been well attended in the past and we look forward to seeing you there.

-Intro to MSTP: They are buying class gear!

-Communications: Students are doing a great job of contacting applicants--great job!

-Graduate Student Senate: Zita will attend this meeting tomorrow

-Faculty Council: Anna Henry is the new Faculty Council Representative. Anna Czapar will be the backup

-Committee on Medical Education: Will be meeting later this month. Recent topics have included discussing the length of Core 1, which students and faculty have differing opinions on. More updates soon!

-Social Event: The next MSTP Social Event will be Friday, February 13th: Science After Dark (MythBusters!) Kevin will be leading the Social Committee, now that Heather is moving out to California.

-MSTP Women's Group: The next social event for this group will be at the end of January. More details to come.

-Second Look Weekend: April 16th-18th: Students will be needed to help recruit.

-Agre Society: A monthly dinner seminar on the first Wednesday of each month, at UH, on the 4th floor of Lakeside, held by the UH Internal Medicine Residency Program for physician scientists. The food is great and the talks are informative. It is a great chance to speak with residents. 'Definitely attend if you can. Contact Anna Henry for more information.

-MSTP Alumni Relations: Nischay is working with the School of Medicine Development Office on coordinating an MSTP Alumni event in October, in conjunction with the CWRU's Homecoming/Alumni Weekend.




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