Council Minutes for January 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz

Tom Foutz

Brent D. Weinberg

Justin Hartupee

Mark Ruscuzsky

Davis Ryman

Vicki Nelson

Daimon Simmons

Tom Ladas

Tom Brown

Paul Lin

Nikolai Sopko

Elizabeth Chiang

Cliff Harding



Elisa chang

Web page

We were going to have a meeting last week, if you didn’t notice, it didn’t happen

February the 21st at 5:45


Summer retreat

Waiting on keynote


Cliff’s report:

Stan Gersin

Chris Walsh

Robert Donn

Eric Toeppel couldn’t commit.

Face plant lady is still unnamed.

We want to cover more topics than just cancer at retreat.

Lawrence krauss possible


Still need to contact Chris Walsh and Dr. Duerk about workshop on animal imaging facility.

Place is already reserved: Geneva, same as last year




Allisson hall and Mike McGuire

Probably going to focus on “How the NIH works”

Possibly next year do a workshop on how to write grants




Communication issues with Vinod

Almost done, just waiting on vinod


Monthly meeting in March:

Pierluigi gambetti

Prion pathologist

Mad cow

Main monitoring center for US Mad Cow is here at Case


Physician scientist:

Lewis stout?  Should we ask him twice?  He’s at NIH.

April 11th or 18th  Both tuesdays

Council feels it’s a good idea to have same person contact him again, who has already established a relationship.

Perhaps go through alumni list, who finished a few years ago, and see what they do.  More likely to accept an invitation.

Opportunity to give back.

Marc Penn-Stem Cell work at Cleveland Clinic, Case B.S./M.D./Ph.D. alumni.  Perhaps Summer retreat (?)

There is money for an outside person as well.

Mark Palmert-Alumnus of our program



Agre Society

Negotiations with Dr Miller have opened

Hopefully things will get rolling soon

They need to see when the Cleveland Clinic schedules are open


Faculty Council

Tom Brown needs to go see the schedule


MSTP Activities

1-Ping Pong tournament

Preliminaries here

Go to jillians for championship game, appetizers



Still shopping around

Faculty vs students (?)

Cliff, “Oh my god…I’m too old for that…”

(today is Cliff’s birthday)


Next meeting is March 7th


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