Council Minutes for January 2008:

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January 15, 2008

·         NIH Site Visit

o   Scheduled for Feb 13 (Wed)

o   Mock site visit Friday, Jan 25

§  Have selected some mentors, students, and administrative staff to meet with the site visitors, representing people in various parts of the program

§  The NIH may request more people

o   Will schedule over the next couple weeks one or two information sessions to discuss what the reviewers will be looking for

o   Prepare by

§  1. Be prepared to represent yourself as a mentor/student in the best possible light as a scientific researcher

·         Explain in a hypothesis driven manner your research

§  2. Be familiar with how the program works

·         The program is evolving, so it is more difficult for students in the later years to know the details about the medical school changes

o   This is very important, we need to keep our program funded

·         Winter Retreat

o   We have all been sent an agenda

o   There will be an abstract booklet

o   Arrival and setup is 9:45-10:30, at which point there will be a welcome event with Dean Davis

o   Cliff thanks all those involved in organizing the retreat this year

o   Presentations by some of the more senior students

o   Two poster sessions

o   All students except those in the last two med school years are expected to attend

o   All active mentors are supposed to attend, and all approved mentors have been invited

o   Judging this year for the first time as a test run

§  There hasn’t been judging in the past because Cliff doesn’t want an element of competition, but we are trying it this year to see if it works out

·         Admissions

o   We’re approximately half way (or a little more) through the admission pool.

§  We have done a little emore than half of our interviews

§  We’ve made more than half of the acceptances that we would like to offer

o   There was a very good group of applicants this year (large number of strong applicants)

o   As in the past, the applicants that give feedback have given positive feedback, both with the program and the application process

·         MSTP Women’s Group (update from Molly)

o   Had a talk with Dr. Al Malouf and Chris Wilson about setting up a lab

§  Was very good and informative

§  Willing to come and give a talk at the summer retreat or some other time

§  Molly has the PPT and a document from the talk

·         Might be mailed out to everyone, or put up on the website

·         Summer Retreat Committee

o   An email has been sent requesting ideas for keynote speakers

§  Not too many responses so far

§  The goal for the keynote speaker is to have someone give a research talk, not clinical, but from someone who is an MD/PhD and whose work has clinical connections

§  Other goals are to get someone to discuss a topic of generally broad interest, and also to change the topic from year to year

§  Will send that email out again (Henry will follow up on that with Kathy)

o   Richard Hanson has been invited to give a dinner seminar

§  Has tentatively accepted

·         Physician-Scientist Lecture

o   Alan Schwartz, an alum of our program

§  Was on the faculty at Harvard for a number or years

§  Moved to Wash U in St. Louis around 1980

§  Became chair of Pediatrics and CEO of the St. Louis … Hospital

§  Has been very active in MD/PhD leadership in the country

o   Scheduled to come Jan 21 (which is the same day as the two day interview)

o   Will be available only from 11:00 – 2:00. 

o   We have not yet determined how students will meet with him, but we can try to combine it with the interviewing schedule so the applicants can attend the talk

§  It might not fit well with the interview schedule, and it might be disruptive for students to be constantly entering and exiting during the talk, so it might have to be a separate lunch from the interview lunch

·         Liaison to Agre Society

o   All have now been scheduled for the rest of the year, so they will be put up onto the Google calendar

o   There was supposed to be a talk today, but it was canceled

o   Two meetings in a row is difficult for people to attend

·         Social Committee

o   Talked with Kathy about the budget, there is no designated budget

o   So far the recruiting events have been the social events

o   If anyone has any ideas, we can put in a proposal

§  Tobogganing, ice skating, Cleveland Orchestra, comedy club

o   Cliff raised the possibility of providing two different events

§  This is especially important for some events, such as bowling at the Corner Alley (which the guys liked but most of the girls did not)

§  Last year we took some applicants to a haunted house

·         Faculty Council

o   Nothing new of interest to students

·         MSTP Rep to GSS

o   The current president of GSS supports the MSTP having a senator, but the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies does not think we need a senator

§  The current GSS charter states that every graduate program is allowed to be represented by a senator, but currently only departments have senators

o   Maritza will present her case at the next Executive Council


·         The next Council Meeting will be shifted by one week due to the NIH Site Visit

o   It will be Feb 19


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