Council Minutes for January 2009:

Persons in Attendence:

1st Year Medical School:
Ryan Fecteau
Max Freeberg
Dominic Hinckley
Meredith Sorenson
Michelle Jennings
Emily Pontzer

2nd Year Medical School:
Debarshi Mustafi
Teresa Evans
Vijay Pandyarajan
Kumar Sukhdeo
1st Year PhD:
Brent Cameron
Chris Ryder
2nd Year PhD:
Tom Ladas
Vinod Singaram
3rd year PhD:
Ravi Patel
4th Year PhD:
Clifford Harding
Total in attendance: 15



MSTP Council meeting Notes for January 6, 2009



Thinking of adding position descriptions and knowledge from previous years committee chairs for those the next year.  Should also keep a record of speakers from previous years.  Current committee chairs should write up descriptions of what new chairs should know, will set up a google document of this. 


Monthly Meeting -

Monthly meeting will most likely be with the second recruiting session on the 22nd.


Winter retreat -

 still trying to get a keynote speaker.  Third and fourth years who are presenting need to submit abstracts by the 5th.  Retreat is on the 12th of February. Will be asking for volunteers for some things that need to be done.


Summer retreat -

booked Geneva on the Lake for the retreat.  Still working on speakers. 


Community service -

looking at habitat for humanity.  Trying to decide if this would be feasible and if $750 donation for supplies can be raised or a tool drive can be held.  Think of possibilities for fund raising or a tool drive. 



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