Council Minutes for January 2010:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Ladas Vijay Pandyarajan Anthony Scott Joe Vithayathil Robert Hyde Brent Cameron Chris Ryder Cliff Harding Paul Lin Michael Lee



MSTP 1/12/10

Summer Retreat

                Voting needs to be done now! Kathy needs to book the venue soon

                Close the voting for Friday?

                Sounds like the vote is swinging for put-in bay

                Cliff’s notes:

-          Key note speaker?

o   Need to know soon

Winter Retreat

-          Student speakers invited

-          Dr. Witte sent title of talk – Key note speaker

o   Imaging and Cancer and the immune response

o   Has room at the Glidden House

o   Itinerary

§  Jason and Chris will pick him up and eat dinner with him

§  We need to ask him who he may want to see

-          February 9th for abstract deadline

-          PhD 2 through 5 for student speakers


Monthly Meeting

-          Scott Simpson Thursday speaker at 6

-          Wolstein conference room may need to change the room

-          Projector on the 6th floor may be broken

-          May need to go down to the 5th floor to bring up enough chairs to the 6th floor

-          Aladdin’s dinner

Women’s group

-          Lunch with Dean Davis at some place and time

-          Sledding event this weekend

o   Send Teresa an email

o   Send an E-mail to class to get participation


-          Is contact being made to admitted applicants?

o   What info would be nice for them to receive

o   Tell students about Second look

o   Important because students are making decisions now

Social Committee

-          Beer Tour may be scheduled

-          Paintballing may be in the future

Lepow Day feedback

-          Cliff thought it went better this year than last year

-          Suggested putting in a faculty coordinator

o   Nick Ziats was the coordinator and it went well

-          6/10 of the poster awards were MSTPs

o   Do we have an unfair advantage

-          Used to have named prizes for the awards

o   Categorized to MSTP only/ MD only may try and reinstitute it

-          Friday afternoon session was poorly attended



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