Council Minutes for January 2011:

Persons in Attendence:

Chris Ryder
Teresa Evans
Tony Scott
Zach Nevin
Joe Vithayathil
Brent Cameron
Rob Hyde
Jennings Xu
Tom Richardson
Paul Lin
Clifford Harding



MSTP Council Meeting January 2011

Summer Retreat venue
Punderson versus Geneva
Punderson conference room is a bit small for our group
Activities differences
Nightlife difference (Geneva-on-the-Lake versus cabins)
Geneva wins vote 10-2

Jennings agreed to coordinate calling accepted students
Google document available with accepted student info
Revisit is on the horizon
expect to matriculate 11-14 new students
offer acceptance to ~3X as many applicants as will matriculate

Winter Retreat
Lepow Day
Dr. Harding encourages participation
world renown keynote speaker
organized by Dr. Ziats
APSA National Conference
Sara Drawz is member but willnot be able to attend meeting
Looking for institutional representative in her stead
Rep. has been decided by council (either for APSA or Colorado MSTP meeting)
Abstract deadline is 1-12-11
create rep. to APSA to get info out in timely manner
discussion tabled for future discussion

Update profiles on website!!!


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