Council Minutes for June 2015:

Persons in Attendence:

About 10 students and Cliff Harding



-Summer Retreat: t-shirts have been ordered, all speakers confirmed, sign up for data blitz, we will also add taking a group photo to the agenda. There will tentatively (pending weather) be a bike ride on Tuesday after the retreat—bring a bike and a helmet! There also some bikes to rent and the ride will be 1-2 hours long (Kevin and Andrew will follow up on this). Andrew and Brendan will make a list of other activities at Punderson, as well.


-MSTP Council Elections: will take place at summer retreat—think about what you’d like to run for—an email will be coming, describing the positions and asking for nominations. These are very rewarding positions and they are key to the success of our MSTP!


-Responsible Conduct of Research +4: Claire and Awuri (PhD1) will organize the October 20th RCR+4 for CWRU MSTP (thank you!).


-The second year medical students will also help organize a pre-retreat event for the new first years.


-Choosing First Year Mentors: Nelson will facilitate matching mentors and mentees by the first Council meeting of next year.


-GSS transition to Graduate Professional Council next year: Zita will remain the MSTP representative to the transitioning GPC (formerly GSS/GSC) this coming year, since she is already familiar with the transitioning group, its members and its rules. She is happy to mentor students into this role during the year and is also looking for an alternative to go to meetings, when she cannot.


-This concludes our last meeting of the 2014-2015 school year—many thanks to all students who participated and many thanks for Cliff for his continued engagement with Council.


-Note: Jennifer Bell is participating in the Velosano fundraising event on July 17th, biking to raise funds for cancer research. Please consider making a donation at:




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