Council Minutes for March  2015:

Persons in Attendence:

10 MSTP students



Summer Retreat:

Andrew and Brendan have confirmed several speakers, but a few suggestions for speakers are still open. Specifically:

-Dr. Tesar accepted his invitation to be the dinner speaker

-Dr. Goldenberg accepted his invitation to do a bioethics talk

-Dr. Chance and Dr. Van Oosten (leadership speaker) are not able to attend

-Other options for our scientific talk include Dr. Aaron Andrew Ross Tobian, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His focus includes HPV adn the mucosal immune repsonse and the risk of HIV acquisition

-Dr. Van Oosten suggested 3 advanced doctoral students in the business program who work with her on “teaching and coaching topics including leadership, emotional intelligence and the impact of positive/negative emotions”

-Of these 3 students, based on previous recommendations, we are following up with Hector Martinez, who helped teach an MBA class

-We still have room for one more scientific speaker—Please send Andrew and Brendan suggestions!

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)+4:

Pam will ask Paul McDonald by when he wants the final schedule, to find out when we need to start generating names for potential speakers and recruiting steering committee members to facilitate the session

-The PhD1’s will be organizing this session

-Thus, we need 2-3 students (preferably PhD1 students, who would normally do the October monthly meeting) to help organize this. As this is a SOM-wide seminar series, planning will need to be done in advance and be in accordance with NIH guidelines


-March monthly meeting will be organized by the M1’s. Kevin Allan is organizing

-Revisit Weekend is April 17-18th, more details soon!


-Council supported the suggestion that we hold our next social at Great Lakes Brewery, with a tour/dinner

-Council determined that the best dates for this event will be the last 2 weeks in April, on a weekday-night—like Wednesday or Thursday

Women’s Group:

-Anna Czapar represented CWRU MSTP at the Doctoral Directions conference March 5-6th weekend in Pittsburgh—the event was informative and enjoyable

Committee on Medical Education:

-The main MSTP Office will remain on CWRU campus, after the new medical school building transition. CWRU MSTP decided to keep the office on the CWRU campus because this is where the majority of our students spend the majority of their time.  Most of the first and second year students will be on this campus for their grad classes and lab rotations (unless they work with a Cleveland Clinic mentor), even though their med classes will be in the new building. Also, almost all the faculty we use for interviews are here. We will no doubt be spending some time at the Cleveland Clinic campus building, but we will not have a permanent space there.  The new building is very much about shared space, and the plan is to use some of that when we're there.  We have no details at this point, but this at least gives you an idea of what we're thinking.

-Lepow Day for this year has been scheduled for this July and may transition to autumn in 2016, for the future, due to challenging weather in February

-Desks are being moved out of society rooms, in order to update the facilities and prepare the space for the new medical building transition

-Second floor of the health sciences library will be converted to quiet rooms for the medical students

-The medical school education conference is taking place Friday 3/13 downtown at The Global Center—students are welcome

-Dr. Padrino is organizing a 10-student pilot for the longitudinal clinical curriculum, which will be 20 weeks, following a model similar to many residency programs “x + y model”

-Cleveland Clinic will do a similar, 16 week program pilot

-Both pilots will enhance longitudinal patient experiences, combining different fields of medicine throughout the week—for many weeks



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