Council Minutes for March 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz

Tom Foutz

Tom Ladas

Tom Brown

Daimon Simmons

Elizabeth chiang

Vishal Patel

Vicki Nelson

Jason Molitoris

Josh Rosenblum

Justin Hartupee

Paul Lin

Brent Weinberg

Davis Ryman

Mark Ruszczycky



  • Summer retreat
    • Chris Walsh ignoring e-mails
    • Jeff Duerk cannot make it
    • Proteomics is other workshop.
    • Brent Weinberg agreed to do bobblehead workshop
    • Grant workshop is a go. 2 hour or one hour? Committee agreed on a one hour workshop.
    • Dinner speaker: Lawrence said possibly
    • Stan gershin-cliff was going to ask him to give a talk.
    • Eric Toeppel is a possibility (bioethics?)
    • Penn-Cleveland clinic
    • Robert white
    • Mcguire- possibly grant writing workshop, dinner speaker
    • Alisson Hall-grant writing workshop


  • Monthly meetings
    • Free dinner tomorrow-chinese
    • Pierluigi gambetti-neurology
    • Creutzfeld Jacob
    • Insomnia
    • Haggis will not be served
    • Through april


  • Physician Scientist
    • Lewis stout has still not responded
    • Cliff will follow up
    • Next meeting in April


  • Web page
    • Cliff has volunteered to redo essentially every page
    • Will shortly send out link for everyone to beta test
    • General consensus that new page is better.
    • Goal to migrate over by june 1st


  • Activities
    • 8 guys signed up
    • No girls have yet signed up
    • Will set date for jillian’s
    • Nikolai continues to work on getting paintball going


  • Agre society
    • ~15 people
    • 2 more, april and may
    • Tuesday april 18th-Richard walsh
    • Tuesday May 16th-Mike letterman
    • How could we improve attendance
    • Concerns as to how exciting the talks are
    • Career development is more exciting to students, rather than hearing about their research
    • Meeting attendance hurt by irregularity
    • Confusion as to what purpose it serves: To hear about the life of the physician scientist
    • Metro has many physician scientist, good place to look for speakers


  • Newsletter
    • Vinod says he sent it
    • Paul says he hasn’t received anything
    • Vinod has gotten bios from everyone except 2 students


  • First year events
    • 10 days ago-went to madras café
    • Everyone except Mike Zhang


    • General comments: none of us can believe anyone came to this school after last second look day’s weather (sideways sleet).


    • Josh cried first time it snowed here.


    • Next meeting in one month. Justin Hartupee will bring food.


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