Council Minutes for March 2008:

Persons in Attendence:

1st Year Medical School:

Henry Goodnough

Debarshi Mustafi

Maritza B. Rosales

Kumar Sukhdeo


2nd Year Medical School:

Chris Ryder


1st Year PhD:

Tom Ladas

Vishal Patel

Vinod Singaram


2nd Year PhD:

Matthew Rutherford Kalp III

Laura Kopplin

Serendipity Z. Rinonos


3rd year PhD:

Paul Lin


4th Year Medical School:

Mark W. Ruszczycky              



Cliff Harding


Total in attendance:  14




March 18, 2008


** Cliff Update

-       MSTP Renewal process

o    Score was 167, Program officer at the NIH said it has a very very good chance of getting funded.

-       Updates on recruiting and revisit planning

o    About 15 offers out so far.

o    Revisit weekend is a little too early, difficult to get students schedules to match the revisit weekend this year.

o    Often students do their revisit individually, but this year there may be a larger proportion of students doing this.

o    In sum, the year has gone well.  Many strong applicants.  Things are on track with previous years.


** Recruitment/Interview Committee

-       Feedback from the most recent interview group is not back yet.

o    A couple students contacted Cliff directly, said they were interested in Alan Schwartz’ talk.

-       Feedback from the last group (lunch with Neil Korman)

o    One student wondered why they were meeting someone who didn’t get tenure.

o    This was a combination event with Monthly Meeting

o    Cliff doesn’t think this is anything to worry about.

-       Recap for the year

o    Students have been receiving Welcome Letters about a week beforehand.  Positive response from the students.

o    Students would interview here, then about a week or two later they were sent a survey (60% response).

o    Survey Topics:

§  Interview day – Difficulty in finding locations, maps were not useful.

§  Accommodations – Everyone liked being picked up from the airport.  One person did not like riding the rapid.  Students say at the hotel for two nights rather than staying one night with a current student.  This seems to have eliminated the problem of transporting luggage since they are now picked up.  Everyone liked Kathy and Donna.

§  Student Interactions – Lowest rating for the usefulness of the SOM information session.  Low ratings for student positivity.  (50% very positive, 25% somewhat positive, 25% neutral or negative) We need to be more conscious of what we say to applicants, we should try not to whine about things because this may be the only viewpoint the interviewee receives.  Interviewees said dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays seemed a little disorganized.  We should pick places for dinner that showcase Cleveland a little better, and make sure that at least one current student has organized everything beforehand.  Some interviewees would have liked to see more students at the lunches (although this might have been a week when students were busy).  Universal positive response to going to Jillian’s.


** Summer Retreat Committee **

-       Keynote speaker: Robert Darnell

o     Washu MSTP grad

o    Works at Rockefeller as an HHMI investigator

o    Studying paraneoplastic neurologic disorders

-       Need to design a T-shirt

-       Contacting speakers for Bioethics.  Dr. Yeungst was asked but he is busy that week.

-       Need to find students to participate in the panel discussions.


 ** Intro to MSTP Committee **

-       Nothing to report.


** Physician Scientist Lecture **

-       Sharon Plon, Wednesday, April 2nd, 2:00 - 3:30 pm in T-503, visiting the Genetics Department

-       One big general session is planed instead of separate Women’s session and general session.


** Community Service Committee **



** Liasons to Agre Society **

-       Speaker March 25, 4:30pm:  Jackson Wright, general clinical research center and director of the clinical hyptertension center, Learner tower room 10A

-       US Patent Office can give talks.  Might be interesting for future event (eg. Monthly meeting, summer retreat)


** Monthly Meeting Committee **

-       Two more this year.

-       The next one this Thursday at 5:30pm.

-       Courtney Gray-McGuire – what is Gen/Epi, how is it useful in translational research.

-       April 10th and 11th, there are openings in the PGA (a travelling workshop that looks at using genetic electronic databases, make people more competent with bio-informatics).

o    It will be at Wolstein.

-       Next and last monthly meeting: Insoo Young, ethics of stem cell research.


** Web Page Committee **

-       Nothing to report.


** Newsletter **

-       Nothing to report.


** Social Committee **

-       Nothing to report.


** MSTP Rep to GSS **

-       MSTP has been granted a voting senator position.

-       The next issue is whether or not the graduate student body wants to pay a $75 fee for an unlimited RTA bus pass.

o    A survey will be sent out to all graduate students, and if 1/6 of the graduate students respond then the results of that survey will determine whether or not the fee will be levied.  Therefore, at least 1/12 of the graduate students need to support the fee.

-       Tech Fee

o    Originally initiated so the school could pay for PeopleSoft, but once that is paid for the school plans to keep the money and doesn’t have any plans for it.  We can email regarding this issue.  


** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council **

-       Report on an update from Murray Altose from the Committee on Medical Education.


 ** Women's group **

-        3/31: post-lecture dinner/conversation meeting following a lecture sponsored by the Women Faculty of the School of Medicine (WFSOM) entitled "Developing Your Negotiating Skills.



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