Council Minutes for March 2009:

Persons in Attendence:





** Choose representative to Committee on Medical Ed.

MSTP student representative to the committee on medical education. 

Should ask Maurine Burke and Sunny Patel for more information on what student positions on the committee entail. 

Thinking of having an elected second or third year PhD student fill the position, probably along with faculty council representative.  Nicoli and Vijay (if it's ok for two to go) will go for the rest of this year, and then position will be elected for next year.    This will also be added to the list of committees for next year. 


** Recruitment/Interview Committee

Revisit Weekend  (April 2nd – 5th)

·         Volunteers

o    Airport pickups

o    Housing tour – need a few volunteers to both show their living arrangements - apartments/ rented houses and duplexes/ condos/ owned houses, others to help drive the group around.

§  Chris will organize tour


Last interview group

Chris is the point person for this, will decide on dinner plans soon. 


Committee Reports 

** Summer Retreat Committee **

·         Looking for a keynote speaker and other speakers and sessions.

·         Any ideas for speakers or break out sessions? - should talk about these over the next several months' meetings.  Current suggestion is the panels of older students talking about transitions into the lab and then back into the clinic. 

Other suggestions for workshops - grant writing, paper writing, ethics, bioethics, some broad interest technically oriented topic (core facility presentations, techniques, etc.) 

o    William Gahl is a suggestion, and several others.  Committee will start sending out invitations soon. 


 ** Intro to MSTP Committee **

No report. 


** Community Service Committee **

·         We do not need to raise money since we are part of a school that already does this, although it would be greatly appreciated and Brent would like to solicit help to develop a plan for this.

·         Dates available are 4/4, 4/18, 5/2 and 5/9.  Brent thinks we should decide between the last two dates (both Saturdays) since it is likely to be warmer.

·         Right now they are looking at groups of no more than 15, so maybe we could do two groups or two weekends 


** Liasons to Agre Society **

No report. 


** MSTP Women’s Group **

No Report. 


** Monthly Meeting Committee **

Revisit will replace monthly meeting for March.  1st year class is planning the next one, which can be late March or April.  Will plan some time other than revisit.


** Web Page Committee **

No Report


** Newsletter **

No report. 

** Social Committee **

·         Court reserved for 3/18 from 6:30 to 8:30.  Enough of us need to be there at 6:15 for training and all that jazz.  Will also have dinner, order pizza, beer and dinner.  Email will be sent out to get a head count.  Probably about a 25 min drive.  Planning to have food before 6:15 if possible. 


** MSTP Rep to GSS **

No report 

** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council **

Medical school has the reaccreditation process started, the site review will be at the end of March. 



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