Council Minutes for March 2010:

Persons in Attendence:

Cliff Harding
Tom Ladas
Vijay Pandyarajan
Teresa Evans
Rob Hyde
Paul Lin
Chris Ryder
Cliff Harding
James Liao



MSTP council meeting 3/09/10

Monthly Meeting:

                Face transplant guy? Unknown when this is happening

                Need to ask the first years, but no one is responding

Monthly meeting is in April


-          Interview season is over

-          Revisit weekend info will be sent out by Kathy

o   April 9th to 11th

o   MSTP will arrive Thursday evening to have dinner with students

o   Friday students will meet with Cliff and George

o   Meet with graduate program heads

o   Lunch with student council

o   Friday evening

§  Go with straight MD program

§  Artists in medicine program

o   Saturday

§  Students will be back to straight MD program

§  Evening

·         Students will go to college club or Dively center

·         Students then go to a social event after

o   Sunday is departure day

-          One student may be coming after this date


Web Page Committee

-          Kumar does not have time to sort the pictures

-          Maybe make G Tom pick 10 or so pictures or whoever wants to pick them

-          Updates will be made to places with just text and pictures will be added

-          Contact Kumar with the pictures

o   Send an email out to the class and let them pick the pictures?

o   Have Kathy send out an email asking for any other MSTP pictures

o   Pictures will be sent to Kumar

Community Service

-          No response from Habitat for Humanity guy

o   3 emails went unnoticed

o   Chris may talk to the president to try and get this moving

-          May coordinate with Rick to do fundraiser at the ShowCASE thing he does

-          Dates will be coming and hopefully this will be scheduled by next month

-          We do not need to explicitly raise money


Faculty Council meeting

-          Bob Miller spoke about research and grad students at the university

-          Funding mechanism may change for the first 6 to 12 months

o   Come out of a dean’s fund $1.2 million

o   Affects BSTP more than MSTP

o   Only affects school of medicine

-          Determining if enough graduate students are here

o   Find correlation between students and the number of R grants

o   Wants to find out how many graduate students are needed to support the university

§  Sounds like we have fewer students than would be predicted by the equation


-          Consolidate core facilities

o   Raise efficiency

o   Let people know about em

o   Core facilities may be too expensive to use



-          Resolution on Health Care

o   Improve the cost of health care for students

o   Resolution was passed and sent to the deans


Summer Retreat

-          Rick was supposed to send a list of speakers

-          There was a tallied list of speakers

-          Kenyan, Donohuge, Andrew Feinberg, Gary Small, Thomas Kunkle

-          Cynthia Kenyan

o   May have been here recently, came to a school of biology talk recently

Jeff Lichtman

-          Brain Bow mice

o   Did Cre/Lox to express GFP/YFP, etc and label individual neurons

o   The images are very spectacular

o   Nature’s publication of the year

o   Wants to map all the connections in the human brain

o   Good speaker

o   Hasn’t been here recently

-          First years need to get this done!

-          Ordered list for keynote speaker

o   Lichtman

o   Donoghue

o   Collins

o   Kenyon

-          Send email to Lichtman by the end of this week

-          Charlie will send an email with Cliff’s help

-          Dinner Speaker

o   Needs to be chosen

o   Cannot be too dense needs to be light

o   Stamler

§  Biochemistry of nitrosylation

o   Charis Eng

§  Not that light

§  Genetics

o   David Rosenbaum

§  Cardiologist

§  Translational talk

§  Personable guy

§  Live calcium imaging in cardiac pathologies

§  Gets our vote for dinner speaker

-          Maybe get Mark Chance

o   Palcewski

§  Want for an internal speaker

-          Workshop

o   Flow cytometry technical talk

o   Howard Meyerson?

§  Head of clinical flow cytometry at UH

§  Would know clinical and basic research applications of flow

§  Just got an instrumentation grant

·         Takes pictures of cells passing through flow


o   CCF speaker for flow

§  Talks about how to use flow

o   Maybe have someone from a company come talk about a technique

o   Patrick Leahy

§  Microarray

§  Gave a good talk many years ago

o   Ordered list

§  Myerson

§  CCF lady

§  Leahy

o   Maybe do microarray talks next year

§  Leahy

-          Logistical issues for Summer retreat

o   Transportation

§  Take a bus from here to there?

·         people may have different agendas when we get there/leave

§  MSTP paying for the parking?

·         Needs to be an effort to carpool there if we do this

·         $2000 in parking if everyone drives

§  Ferry costs $22 a person

·         Another ferry leaves from another spot and is probably cheaper

§  Maybe get vans?

o   Start the day at 12?

§  Committee will discuss this issue

o   Staggered schedule for

§  1st years get there early

§  Maybe get carpooling for this with older students

o   MD3/MD4 might not be able to come because it may be difficult for them to leave

§  The dinner for MD3/MD4 transitioning may be able to replace this talk

§  Will try and recruit med students to talk to this

§  Cliff and Kathy will talk about trying to get these folks

o   Maybe put conviviality in the morning the next day?

§  Winery tour in the morning?

o   Put panel discussion right after the orientation?

§  Orientation will be before the second ferry

§  Only will be done if 3rd year panel does not work out

o   There is only 1 queen sized bed in each of the rooms?


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