Council Minutes for March 2011:

Persons in Attendence:

Chris Ryder
Zach Nevin
Charlie Wang
Paul Lin
Tom Richardson
Tom Ladas
Vijay P
Teresa Evans
Clifford Harding



MSTP Council March meeting
March 15, 2011

Second look weekend
Housing tour/walking tour needs volunteers
several people offered their places/services

Monthly meeting- Dr. Marichic
Upcoming is Graduation party 5/4/11
Needs advertisement and organization of panel of graduating students

Summer Retreat
top three kwynote speakers have declined, continuing down list
Good turnout for keynote vote (~30 responders)
Internal speakers- need input and ideas
Names brought up include:
Mark Adams- next gen sequencing
Chris Flask- imaging
Paul Tasar (sp?)- stem cells
protein-protein interactions
Grant writing workshop- Alison Hall (Dr. Harding will approach her to book her for retreat)
-Ideas including state of funding/NIH, how grants work in academia,IP/entreprneurship (Michael Haag)
-Could include broader discussion after to expand beyond topic of talk itself
-An idea for the future would be to have talk on the approach to writing a scientific article
Negotiating a position- Marion Skalweit (may be more suitable for Women's group?)
Maoving through your career and tools to succeed in moving ahead in a position
Prapring a CV

*Will ask Adams about workshop and Tasar about research talk
Transitioning to PhD and back to med school should be included, if possible
-Dr. Harding will identify rising M4 students for return to med panel
Look for emails regarding other internal speakers

school of Medicine IT will not update website unless it is on their server
Revisiting a question that first arose 2-3 years ago when MSTP acquired new server
Concerns over interaction with IT, can we keep same URL?
Students still contribute content but would cede some level of control
URL is biggest hang-up but Dr. Harding can approach that problem
Other potential problems with transferring over include loss of modifiable content
Keeping on our server might reqiure hiring a person, which has not worked well in the past
Decision made to meet with Kathy and David Pilaski in order to uncover road blocks in transition, with Paul Lin and Tom Ladas

CME and Faculty Council
Need to improve preparation for research blocks (MD only), if anything organized is created, we should take advantage to prepare for transition to PhD phase
Area of concentration designation is no longer a program requirement
Possible need to update MSTP handbook RE: graduation requirements for MD
Go visit Journal of Visualized Experiments to get it purchased
Nobel lecture series- MSTP can include 2 students per lunch session with speaker (Dr. Dubyak/Dr. Harding will take care of nominations)
Social Committee
Bowling at Corner Alley, potentially in early June (at end of semester)
Breakdown of fund utilization ($500 total) at $50 per hour per lane and ~$7 per drink ticket


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