Council Minutes for March 2012:

Persons in Attendence:

Vijay Pandyarajan, Meredith Whitney, Tom Richardson, Charlie Wang, Andrew Lavik, Paul Lin, Andrea Cohen, Cliff Harding



March 13, 2012



1.     Summer retreat

2.     Revisit weekend

3.     Student mentorship program

4.     Communications committee

5.     MSTP graduation party

6.     Social committee

7.     Representative to GSS


Summer Retreat:

Vijay stated that Dr. Insoo Hyun will not be able to attend the summer retreat this year.  We will try to book him for a future retreat.  Our options are to pick another speaker topic or pick another ethics speaker to invite.  Cliff stated that we can do either option, and would be willing to help sort through suggested faculty in bioethics or other departments who can give a good ethics discussion.  Cliff and Tom proposed inviting Dr. Lan Zhou, faculty member in Pathology, who is the director of molecular diagnostics and recently gave an engaging ethics seminar to the Pathology department on patenting genes.  Council was in favor of inviting her to give a similar session at summer retreat, and so the Summer Retreat Committee will invite her.


Vijay next reported that except for Sandeep Kishore, the other invited speakers have not responded.  The outstanding invitations include Alex Huang and Nicole Steinmetz.  Council suggested that the Summer Retreat Committee send follow-up invitations, and copy Cliff so that he can encourage the faculty to accept.  Tom recalled that we still have backup speaker choices for the topics of microscopy/imaging and drug delivery, should these two faculty be unable to attend.  Vijay and Cliff next discussed the speaker slots.  Sandeep Kishore will be the dinner speaker on Tuesday.  The ethics seminar given by Lan Zhou will be Tuesday after lunch.  This leaves Nicole Steinmetz for Tuesday morning and Alex Huang for Wednesday morning.  Council agreed on these time slots.  The Executive Committee will put together the PhD and MD clinical transition panels as usual.  They will coordinate with Kathy on a list of potential 4th year MD students who are available during the retreat and can return to give the MD transition panel.  Cliff also suggested contacting local recent alumni (interns or residents) who might also be willing to return for the MD transition panel.


Vijay next brought up the issue of coordinating rides to Punderson for the incoming M1 students.  Joe suggested setting up a carpool list.  Andrew and Cliff stated that in prior years, the M2 and M1 students had an informal dinner together the night before the retreat, and that this was a good venue for M1s to meet each other and coordinate rides.


Vijay also mentioned that Jane is soliciting T-shirt designs.  The budget will probably limit us to single color and simpler designs, but could still be front and back.


Revisit Weekend:

Vijay stated that Jane needs student volunteers for airport pickups, lunch with the applicants, and the walking tours.  At the last Council meeting, Teresa and Chuck volunteered to do the campus walking tour, and Abner and Emily volunteered to coordinate the housing tour.


Cliff stated that there is a curriculum overview session during the first day of revisit, and that MSTP usually tries to have representatives from the MD curriculum, PhD curriculum, research phase, and clinical training phase all give talks.  This year, Dr. Robert Haynie, Dr. Alison Hall, and Dr. Deb Leizman have agreed to present their respective programs.  We are still trying to get Dr. Mark Chance to come give an overview of research at Case.  Dean Davis will not available that day to speak to the admitted students.  Saturday dinner will be catered in Wolstein since all the other possible venues including the College Club were booked.  Vijay next asked how students have been accepted, and how many slots we are hoping to fill.  Cliff replied that he will have more firm numbers following the Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday, but that we have sent nearly 20 offers and expect 7-9 of those to matriculate, and that we hope to matriculate 13-14 students this year.


Mentorship program:

Vijay stated that around half of the M1 class has not responded to Kathy’s call for mentor choices.  As such, the Executive Committee will go ahead and do the pairings for the students who have indicated their choices, and decide on reasonable pairings for the remainder.



Vijay reported that Emily would again be contacting accepted students.


Graduation party:

Vijay reported that this year’s graduation party would be on May 2, from 5:30-7 in the 4th floor student lounge (not Wolstein as in prior years).


Social Committee:

Vijay asked anyone interested in planning the spring social event to email Gloria with any ideas, otherwise we will go ahead with the plan to do whirly ball.  The event will likely be after the May 2 graduation party.  There is approximately $300 left over to work with.


Representative to GSS:

Andrea stated that if anyone is interested in running for the GSS executive committee, they can contact her, Bryan Benson, or Sam Zwiebel.  Elections will be held on May 10, and no prior experience with GSS is required.


Monthly meeting:

Meredith will contact DaShawn, and the March monthly meeting might have to be moved back due to short notice for planning the event.  The April monthly meeting is set in conjunction with revisit and will feature Dr. Jamie Grifo.


Representative to CME:
Joe discussed the new 3rd and 4th year curriculum.  The CME is interested in ways to assess whether the recent changes to the curriculum are more effective.  The CME is also trying to decide whether to exercise voting power over curriculum changes.  The changes include switching to two 8-week blocks and two 12-week blocks for the 3rd year, plus an additional research block.  The reasoning was to give more time to do AIs before doing residency applications.  Students may still take their 3rd year core clerkships in any order.  Paul stated that the 8-week blocks also have 4 weeks of flexible time, for a total of 12 weeks, so that all basic cores are synchronized.  These changes potentially allow MSTP students the option of an October return date, or flexible start dates if students start with an elective that does not require basic cores as prerequisites.  Joe will follow up with CME regarding how MSTP students returning to medical school can work with this new calendar and arrangement of the core clerkships.


Next MSTP Council meeting: Tuesday April 10, 5:45 p.m.


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