Council Minutes for May 2008:

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May 13, 2008


·         11 out of the 12 students who came to second look have confirmed their acceptances.

·         2 other offers have been extended right now.

·         Second look weekend went really well.  Strong positive feedback from the students.

Summer Retreat:

·         Agenda is in place.

·         Trying to get third and fourth year Med students for the panels.

Intro to MSTP:

·         For the spring event - this year they spent their funds to make sweatshirts that have SOM and MSTP crests embroidered.  Maritza feels that this event helped to bond their class.

o    Kumar designed the shield (including research into the symbolism).  Henry made sure the Latin grammar is correct.

·         Is this going to be the official MSTP crest, or will every class make their own?

o    We will email out the crests (including an explanation of the symbolism) to see what people like and what they think.

§  The vote will be on our shield, for our program (the left one).

·         Other ideas – possibly put the crests on a coffee mug

Council voted to make the MSTP crest official – 9 approved, 4 opposed.

Agre Society:

·         Last meeting last month, pretty good attendance (4 or 5 MSTPs, 5 or 6 residents).

Monthly Meeting:

·         Graduation reception this Thursday, May 15

·         A representative from each class year emailed their class.  46 MSTP students have confirmed to come.  This seems to be a good way to get people to come.

·         Not sure how many faculty are coming.

o    Sent out the Steering Committee, the four Society Deans, etc.

o    Maybe 5-10 faculty

·         Not sure about the funding for this event, not a big budget so there might not be enough food.


·         Bought a new server.  Going to transfer the website to the new server.

·         Kathy will be transferring most of the files, she’s working with the IT people to set it up.

o    Vishal is going out of town for a few weeks.  Others may have to help Kathy set it up.

·         The website name is not changing (this is why we bought a server).


·         Newsletter came out, we should all have gotten it.

·         There were a few typos.  Sorry about that.  The updated newsletter with the corrections has been posted to the website.

·         We should send it out to the students who accepted their offers.

Rep to GSS:

·         The RTA vote did not pass.

·         There is a proposed open forum to discuss the Tech Fee (which has become a slush fund)

o    Is it still necessary?

o    Why can’t it be rolled into tuition?





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