Council Minutes for May 2009:

Persons in Attendence:




Recruitment - Kathy

Still need to do surveys from second look, don't seem = to have done them.

Will do this again later, will ask Kumar about these. 



More strict about this.  Need itemized receipts for everything.  Alcohol needs to = be itemized since this comes out of a different grant account.  Do not need separate receipts for anything, just needs to be itemized. 

Can't do reimbursement for trips to the airport with gas gift cards.  Another option - gift cards for campus dining.  Will also ask Kathy what the gener= al policy is for mileage reimbursement.  Ravi will ask about this. 


Upcoming Events

Graduation pa= rty May 14th at 6 pm in 4th floor medical school lounge. 

Donna's retirement party - May 26th at noon, first floor of Wo= lstein. 


Physician Scientist conference in Chica= go

Ravi and Phil went to the physician scientist conference in Chicago.  Student run organization run by a student at Illinois.=   Run by both MS= TP and non-MSTP MD/PhD programs.  Many universities have a representative to this group.  Will help plan regional meetings a= nd other activities.  Suggest ele= cting someone to do this next year.  Is still a fairly small group, is trying to gain membership.  Representative would go to confere= nce, perhaps help with conference organization and regional meetings.  Would make sens= e to be a younger student.  Mee= tings are usually done by phone conference.  Most of conference deals with professional development and very litt= le science.     


Summer retreat

Dinner speaker is set up - Michael Lederman

Working on setting up internal speakers= and ethics speaker - perhaps one from the bioethics department and another from= a clinical department. 

Still doing breakfast with pannels on transitions in the program.<= span style=3D'font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"'> <= /span>

During lunch the second day may also group people in and interested in different P= hD programs.  <= /p>


Women's group

Looking for a new advisor, going to have different women MD/PhDs come for lunch and talks. 


Social committee

Nikoli still thinking about organizing paintball maybe later in the summer.=  



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