Council Minutes for May 2011:

Persons in Attendence:

Paul Lin
Joe Vithayathil
Brent Cameron
Robert Hyde
Kumar Sudheko
Cliff Harding
Tom Rishardson
Marissa Winkler
Vijay P.
Teresa Evans
Chris Ryder



MSTP Council Minutes 5-10-11

Elections for 2011-2012 council timing

Possibility of having better continuity and preparedness at start of semester w/ elections at Summer Retreat
Discussion favors executive committee elections at Summer Retreat
Question of when in agenda to add elections
Idea brought up to have elections after introduction of council
Need to add 15 minutes into agenda for this
Could have ballots made up to expedite process with results announced at dinner
Could help continuity with new students knowing people who will run meetings, etc.
Decision made to have elections at Retreat
Executive committee positions only

Summer Retreat Agenda

Speakers are all set
Need to set up panel for entering PhD
Kathy will take charge of this
Already have a couple people for MD phase panel
Need T-shirt design
Possibility of incentivizing the design contest
Kathy is also on top of organizing carpooling
Will send out email several weeks in advance

NRSA submission collection

Kumar has created an online database of funded grant applications
Would like to gather a few more successfull applications
Priority should be for how to address mentoring, career development, other areas which people may not know much about
Make obvious emphasis that all applicants need to work with Kathy in process
For reasons of planning and budget, to ensure you ask for the right amount of time (eligibility)
Also because of other logistic issues like length of funding and stipend bonus
Cliff says, "always ask for the maximum" and "Round up!"
Most importnatly the important components of the application
Need to work toward an FAQ page
Maybe a read this first from Cliff page
A checklist for the necessary steps and parts to success in the application process
Compile reviews from applications to see what questions get asked of applicants
Would also like to include successful applications to other funding agencies (i.e., AHA)
MSTPs are eligible for a total of 6 years on training grants and other NIH sources (last year by petition)
Almost all students are on training grant for M1 and M2
Always ask for the last two years to be Medical school years (because the med school tuition is higher than PhD tuition)
Need a more in depth and individual look at budget in grants (Cliff will discuss with Kathy)
Idea brought up that applicant should send a budget request to Kathy
Cliff says he will ensure that example budgets are available for all combinations of time asked for and the institute application is sent to
Still need some individual council
Idea of having a dinner for people planning to apply and those who have most recently applied
Possibility of adding this content into the Summer Retreat
Who should be involved in this session
Done in conjunction with other panels?
Could also be done before a monthly meeting or as a separate lunch meeting
Lunch meetings win the day!!!!!


Who can update the website?
Previous discussion has been about the idea of moving control of maintenance to Med School IT
Could lose IP address, will they update stuff adequately
Kumar has offered to do small maintenance
He also sugggests a person at CCF who is taking clients for this type of stuff
Charlotte and Zach are website committee and can compile a list of things that need changing, then Kumar can manage the changes
Kathy also has an administrative role in this process
Need some new content to include with what website committee is compiling
Previous maintenance was done for free by an employee of the BSTP
Is a low amount of work, so it is hard to dedicate a paid employee to it (it falls of the priority list)
Cliff would like the security of having a stable plan so that it can be sustainable
Med school support might solve this
Also, teaching a member of MSTP staff would help achieve sustainability
Will hold off on talking with med school at this juncture


Trends in USMLE and testing Students are way above average on Step 1
Around national average on Step 2 CK
attributed to changes in test and lack of high desire by students
Step 1 and Step 2 CK and CS are graduation requirements currently
There was discussion of changing these requirements
Informatino gathering is under way by a committee of deans, faculty
Discussion of taking step 1 after M3
We as MSTPers will always (probably) take Step 1 directly after M2
Currently there is a requirement to take step 1 by June of year 2
Lively discussion ensued

Second Look and Graduation Party

Wolstein room is hard to hear and has poor flow and fung shuei
Med student lounges are nice
Wolstein library could work
Council should bring up room choice for next year's event
Could be done off campus somewhere even
No major comments on Second Look


MSTP students are booted from system because it cannot handle non- M2 or M3
Arguments brought up for staying in system
We cannot get eportfolio essay results
have to be added for Lepow day anyway
We miss important emails
Access to curriculum website


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