Council Minutes for November 2005:

Persons in Attendence:

Justin Hartupee
Josh Rosenblum
Paul lin
Mark Ruszczycky
Susan Williams
Kendrick Shaw
Daimon Simmons
G Thomas Brown
Elisa Chiang
Jason Molitoris
Adam Burgoyne
Vipul Sheth
Laura Kopplin
Tom Foutz
Cliff Harding
Phil larimer
Ram Balu



Web page committee New web page in January 2006 Positive feedback

Summer retreat First years start first or second weekend of july Council decided on 6th and 7th for It will be at Geneva again Cliff requested a separate meeting with Summer Retreat committee and Deidre, Donna

Grad Student Senate We can send a senator Previously a secret society, now we are invited to send 1-3 people as Free lunch Once a month Thursday afternoons Volunteers would be welcome E-mail Will be given filibustering power Preferentially grad student

Winter Retreat Vern L. Schramm, PhD Professor and Ruth Merns Chair Department of Biochemistry Albert Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University Rational drug design Two poster sessions Ten speakers Students will be contacted over the next week

Intro to mstp Ad sushi Going out every month 7-8 students usually come

Newsletter Make announcements for weddings, babies? People liked that Worry if people would be left out Should be mstp student’s responsibilities From now on Send out an e-mail Make more general: personal accomplishments, milestones

Monthly meeting First speaker: Bruce latimer-anatomist, frequently been in Africa on research

Community service Nothing yet Habitat for Humanity?

Intramural sports Ping pong tournament imminent Paddles WILL BE PROVIDED Bowling and karaoke place? Ice skating?

Physician scientist lecture Lewis Stout-NIH MD, clinical residency, went on to do basic science stuff Robert Doms –penn Tim Leigh-wash u Chris walsh-Harvard (neuro) Will send out e-mail for suggestions Question as to date

Faculty Student council Tom Brown has heretofore been unable to go to faculty student council Once everyother month Kendrick Shaw Self nominated, unanimously accepted


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