Council Minutes for November 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

No attendance was not taken




-         Elect APSA rep

o       Elisa is elected to respresent Case

o       Sibani is elected as runner up if there are sufficient funds to send two people

-         Report from the Rep to grad senate

o       Tech fee is happening

o       First each school (eg. School of engineering) will decide who pays and then the department can decides

o       Most likely come down to whether MSTP will cover it

o       One possibility is to increase the stipend to cover the cost

-         Summer retreat

o       The location will be at Quail hall

o       For now, the plan is to have it all day thurs and half day Friday, 7/12-13

-         Physician Scientist lecture

o       Topel is leaving for Scripps by Jan so unfortunately we won’t be able to get him.

o       Shirley Tilman?

o       Alan Schwartz? – Wash U. chair dept. chair of ped

-         Monthly meeting

o       11.29, Darin Croft

-         Community Service

o       Case wide toy drive with City Mission

o       Info session – about city mission and brainstorm ideas

o       Toys by 12/15, will help wrap the presents

o       Also with City mission, maybe help with a health fair during the summer

-         Social Committee

o       Budget is being used for recruiting

-         Rep to faculty Council

o       Opthalmology to be Opth and vision

o       Plastics own dept.

o       Pam Davis says unfortunately there’s no money and that’s the biggest thing holding Case back

-         Food

o       Laura will get food next time


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