Council Minutes for November 2007:

Persons in Attendence:

Attendence not taken.



·         Physician-Scientist

·         Agre Society

·         Monthly Meeting

o   Dr. Walter Boron on

o   Center for computing for December?

o   Coming soon

§  Clinical genetics

§  Noah Noy in Pharmacology

§  Ethics speaker – working on it

·         Community Service

o   Thinking about a Book Drive

§  Children’s books

§  December or January

o   Something with shoe boxes

o   ASHA? - Education and Health Care in developing countries

§  Thinking about doing something with them

·         Social Committee

o   Tuesday, Dec. 11, 6:30-10:00pm at the Manor House at the farm

o   Heavy hors d’ourves

o   Finalizing the caterers

o   Going to do the gift steal

o   Dessert Competition

o   Contest for the best dessert (so no dessert from the caterers)

§  There will be a prize

o   They have a sound system, so people can bring their CD’s, or Donna can play Christmas music

o   There will be tables, but not to sit down

o   Going to send out an email about the desert competition, and for car pooling to the farm

·         GSS

o   Talked to GSS Pres, Kevin Spears

§  Issues with double representation

§  But he wants more representation and involvement

§  Lots of 1st and 2nd year students who are not represented, but they are registered as graduate students

§  He was amenable to the idea that the senator to the GSS be a 1st or 2nd year student

·         He will suggest this at their next meeting

·         Newsletter

o   Are getting articles in

o   Everything is assigned

o   It will be done very soon

o   Please send Tom Foutz if you have any information you want published, like wedding announcements, etc.

·         Webpage

o   Met with David Pilasky

o   Going to move from current server in MSTP office to the med school server

o   Website will be changed to

§  Automatically redirected from

§  Why?  Not sure, Pilasky just said it has to.

·         Probably their policy.

§  They have tried to get us on, and failed.

·         Brent wanted some things that they were not able to provide

o   Maybe the domain name

o   We have our own database system, our own way of putting in information

o   We run certain scripts, maybe they won’t allow us to run some of them on their server

·         Tried a test site last time, and the database function wouldn’t work

o   Now they say everything will work.  If it does then everything is a go ahead.

o   Will check with Brent’s list of grievances

o   Kumar has been working on the Google calendar

§  Kumar has relinquished control of the calendar to Vijay

§  Kumar originally set up the calendar under his own account

§  Paul has created a new calendar under a new MSTP account

§  So far only Matt has been using it

§  Right now Kathy is the contact person for the Google calendar

·         MSTP Women’s Group

o   The women of the MSTP have met before, both formally and informally

o   It’s pretty self-directed as to what they do

o   Had a meeting at the beginning of October to discuss events

§  Will have events at various times to work with everyone’s schedules

§  Most ideas of career development

·         First form a lab, who to hire

§  Residency

·         Research

§  Choosing a sub-specialty

§  Money things

·         Moonlighting

·         When can you be an expert witness

§  Collaboration

·         When to share your data

§  Family

·         How to manage having a family

o   Ideas for speakers

§  Dr. Bearer is working with them, she knows a lot of people

o   Would like access to the Google calendar

·         Summer Retreat

o   Need to discuss dates again

§  Do we want to have the retreat into the weekend the first week of July

§  Med School starts Thursday, July 10th

§  We had decided on Monday-Tuesday, July 7-8

§  Need to find out if there are orientation events in conflict

o   We had previously voted on Punderson Manor

§  The meeting facilities there:

·         Only have one meeting room, so can’t do the two room format

·         It is a small room, so we would be nearly at capacity

·         Don’t have a projector, we would have to bring our own

·         Not sure about the other AV equipment

§  Nice restaurant:

·         Can do an outdoor bar setup

§  Outdoor fire

o   We have had a retreat there in the past.  The MSTP is bigger now, but it may still work out.  Dinner and dinner speaker in the restaurant (maybe they put up a divider?).  Cliff says the meeting room is pretty small, so there is no space for dinner tables, can’t do the dinner lecture there.

o   We’re going to try to make it work.  The deal breaker is whether or not we can have the dinner speaker in the restaurant.  We might have to bring our own AV equipement.


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