Council Minutes for November 2009:

Persons in Attendence:


Chris Ryder

Sixto Leal

Michelle Jennings

Emily Hamburg

Joe Vithayathil

Brent Cameron

Vishal Patel

Rick Arlow

Charlie Wang

Charles Su

Marisa Winkler

Andrea Cohen

Tom Richardson

Paul Lin

Teresa Evans

Tom Ladas

Vijay Pandyarajan

Cliff Harding





MSTP council 11/10/09

Summer Retreat

-          July 6th and 7th will be the best date

-          3 choices

o   Geneva

§  Been going here a lot

§  2nd choice for ranking

o   Punderson

o   Put-in Bay

§  Waiting to find out pricing from Kathy

§  Need to take a ferry out to the island

·         Hard to coordinate how to get everyone across the ferry

·         Will have to work out logistics

§  Conference center is adequate

§  Wineries to tour

§  Top of list if feasible


o   send out an e-mail and vote?

§  Council ranking is

·         Put-in bay

·         Geneva

·         Punderson


-          Should not be a major conflict with the orientation of first years

o   1st years will have to shift all orientation events to the end of the week.


-          Cliff went to MD/PhD Director’s meeting

o   Talked about a possible joint retreat with other schools

§  Clayton Wiley director at U. Pitt

§  Closest MSTP program to us

§  Ohio State?

o   Timing may be an issue, they do theirs on a weekend

§  We would have to start to discuss in the late spring of next year to be better able to coordinate with them

§  Their date is usually late summer

o   Definitely not for the upcoming retreat

o   Maybe do orientation for first years separate from the retreat if we do this idea

Monthly Meeting

-          November

o   Neuroscience and music

o   Deep Brain stimulation

o   Room not settled

-          February

o   Not settled

o   Secondary choices

§  Scott Simpson

-          Suggestions from Cliff

o   MSTP alumni

§  Steve Mariscich

·         Had him at retreat

o   November 17th

§  Alumnus of our program

§  1998 graduate

§  Todd Ridkey

·         Dermatology

·         Will probably be giving a job talk

§  Lunch with students?

§  Maybe make it open to interested parties?

§  Cliff will see if it is even possible to get a meeting with him

·         If he’s having an open seminar that information will be related to us

Social Committee

-          Christmas party

o   December 2nd

o   Holiday Party is 630 to 930

§  People can leave early for Doc Opera

§  Baking competition

§  Gift Steal

MSTP Women’s Group

-          Marian Scolwhite

o   New advisor for MSTP

o   Clinical research/ teaching activities

-          Had lunch with her

o   Went well

o   Good mentoring opportunities

Faculty Council

-          Financial update

o   Budget will be balanced by next fiscal year

o   What will happen when all the stimulus money is gone

-          Going to restructure themselves because they felt like they had little impact

o   No feedback from department

o   Changes already occurred when reports happen so cannot change

o   Expand the number of persons?

o   More importance for people?

-          Grow the endowment fund?


-          BGSO

o   Career development

o   Scientific journalism

Winter Retreat

-          Speaker has been selected

-          February 17th

-          Wolstein is reserved

-          Need to pick student speakers

o   Kathy had a list of people who need to speak

Lepow Day

-          No one not on the medical student listserv seemed to have gotten the e-mail

o   Cliff will tell Kathy to send out an e-mail to us

o   He will also try and extend the deadline for us

-          Did not participate last year because not advertised to


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