Council Minutes for November 2010:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Ladas Zach Nevin Dixon Dorrand Anderw Lavik Jennings Xu Tom Richardson Chuck Su Charlie Wang Robert Hyde Colin S Tyler Miller Vijay Pandarayajan Teresa Evans



Council Meeting Agenda Council Meeting Agenda for November 9, 2008 Key Highlights ** Recruitment/Interview Committee Everything going very well, keep helping, always need people to host. Also changing dinner on Thursday to always being a monthly-meeting type talk. If anyone is interested in contacting admitted students to field their questions, let Kathy know. AGRE Society They Winter Retreat Cliff has invited a few students from outside the MSTP to present posters or sit in on the talks. Hoping to build the community of the MSTP while starting cross-talk with other programs that are promoting research training at Case (MD/MS, MD/MPH, DNP/PhD). Autophagy Seminar Friday Committee Reports ** Monthly Meeting Committee ** - ** Summer Retreat Committee ** Have been looking at venues. Geneva on the Lake and Mohican state park (2 hrs away) are possibilities. ** Intro to MSTP Committee ** Nothing to report ** Community Service Committee ** John Hay High School. Partnership b/t CWRU and JHH to foster an interest in science and medicine. Looking for people interested and willing to have a student shadow them for a day or two to learn more about opportunities in research. Look for more details forthcoming. ** MSTP Women's Group ** Would like to plan a winter event of some sort (perhaps sledding). Talk to Sarah Drawz if interested in helping plan something. ** Communications Committee** Web site will undergo a review sometime later in the month. If anyone has suggestions at that point, they should talk to Zach Nevin. ** Social Committee ** Holiday party suggestions? Sit-down dinner or heavy appetizers? Prefer more games or fewer? Gift swap/steal. Any suggestions, contact Chuck. ** MSTP Rep to GSS ** Nothing to report ** MSTP Rep to CME** CME meetings are, in fact, open to the public. Also, students. As we discussed at the last council meeting, he would prefer to hear a concise list of common, global issues rather than a bunch of individual complaints. Might lose UpToDate. Looking into competitor. Next meeting this Thursday at 4pm in T501. ** MSTP Rep to BGSO ** How Need help organizing Biomedical Graduate Student Symposium poster session for May. Contact Teresa faculty. ** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council ** Nothing to report


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