Council Minutes for November 2012:

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MSTP Student Council Meeting – 11.13.2012 Action Points Prior Action Points - All: Email Kirkland with ideas for Fall social event - All: Respond to Kathy’s forthcoming email re: updating your MSTP profile - Execs: Finalize initial draft of retreat schedule for comment at next meeting - Zach: Suggest Sean McCandless and George Kikano (FamMed – public outreach) as future dinner speaker December Council Meeting - Will be Dec 4th to avoid conflict with the Holiday Party Summer Retreat - We have a 1st round schedule that we talked over with OSU - Main changes: o Combining the state of the MSTP and focusing more on the unique features of each school's program o Having the second day of the retreat separate o Moving first year orientation to Tuesday - Current topics still being discussed: o Do we need an ethics workshop? o Combined vs separate student panels? - Anna and Alex have had a planning conversation with their peers at OSU: - Consider combining shortened State of the MSTP with similar talk from OSU's director so that we can all learn about both programs. - Speaker selection - need to decide on how to co-select a speaker w/OSU - Cliff suggests having one speaker from CWRU + one speaker from OSU rather than one outside keynote speaker. - Should probably have student panel discussions on Day 2. - Ideas for workshop session? - Cliff noted that there may be space restrictions limiting the poster session - check with Kathy. - Try to fit in joint student oral presentations on the first day and have OSU students involved? Holiday Party - Will be held at College Club - Programming TBD o Dessert Competition o Yankee-swap - Changed from dinner to “Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres” Communications - If you are interested in helping w/emailing applicants, let Pam know. - Feel free to email applicants you know personally; notify Pam if you have. - Website progress forthcoming. Intro to MSTP Social - Maybe an event in December Community Service GSS - Faculty Council - Dean's review committee being put together... to review the Dean. CME BGSO - Picking a PhD mentor seminar is coming up.


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