Council Minutes for November 2015:

Persons in Attendence:

Cliff Harding, PhD
Nathaniel Robinson
Kevin Allan
David Sweet
Andrew Morton
Sirui Jiang
Paul Cheng
Anna Henry
Alex Gooding
Nischay Rege
Brendan Barton
Aaron Talsma
Uriel Kim
Zita Hubler
Yorleny Viscioso
Anna Czap
Abner Murray
Michael Babinchak
Ryan Gimple



MSTP Council Meeting Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
T501, 5:45PM
Agenda Items

Summer Retreat
-Location and date confirmed -June 30 - July 1 Maumee Bay State Park
-Dates have been moved up because of conflict w/orientation and July 4th weekend
-Keynote speaker - need to decide on invitations by next council, Aaron will survey the MSTP student body to see if anyone has suggestions

Dr. Abbott Meet and Greet
-Dr. Abbot has been holding meet and greets, please attend if you can
-Relaxed session w/pizza and beer for feedback, meet and greet, etc
-M2s Wednesday 11/11 5:30-7 WRB 6136
-2nd half of PhDs Wednesday 11/18 5:30-7 WRB 6136

-We need to revise our logo for use on shirts, programs, etc
-Logo is definitely needed, version 2 looks good as long as we fix the font
-A completely new logo is probably too arduous
-Can try to submit both logos for approval
-Send out version 2 in email to students, w/strong notice that the actual logo cannot be changed

MSTP Website (Dr. Harding)
-Perceptus is group contracted to help w/website, currently working w/them for Pathology site
-A certain number of pages are paid for by SOM and beyond this the program must shoulder cost
-Quote was high for our site and it may be less expensive to bring together an ad hoc committee and work with a staff person in Pathology
-Kathy will coordinate ad hoc committee w/staff person as long as staff person has time
-A single template should be required soon by CWRU, it would not be too difficult to modify the template
-Issues over the long term is when students do the technical work and graduate, there’s no continuity with no one to step in, so institutional tech is necessary
-Issues with timeline of completion - aim for January-February

STEP1 Dates (Nathaniel, Kevin)
-4-6 weeks was decided by Steering Committee, but impression from students in past years it was 6-8 weeks
-Histopath 532 usually goes 1 week after end of Block 6, leaving even less time
-Intention was to make the standards the same for MSTP students and MD only students
-The other issue is that recently there were some students that did not complete STEP1 within the time frame indicated and did not notify the program
-Exceptions are ok, but need to notify the program
-The program cannot monitor all students and it becomes problematic for research mentors when students take longer than suggested
-Steering committee will review student suggestions about (1) some courses going past block 6, (2) students concerned that 4-6 weeks was not enough time
-Vacation/time off between Blocks 6 and STEP1 or STEP1 and beginning in lab are to be discussed between mentor and mentee
-The intent of these policies are to insure than students balance doing well on boards and getting on track to complete the research project

MSTP Case Med Guide (Anna C or Nischay)
-Dr. Abbott brought this up as something that is needed because the other mentorship advice is not very relevant to MSTP students
-Ideally this should be appended to the Case Med Guide
-Rough list of 10 chapters, need people to write 2-3 chapters, i.e. buying a house, finding a mentor, classes vs. rotations, setting up rotations, applying for grants, navigating PhD, selecting committee, clinical tutorial, etc
-Perhaps a better way than having something sent out that will never be read is to get the M2 mentors up and running before the retreat, and have them meet with students ASAP
-Table this for next month

-Committee chairs should come to meetings or send council reports if cannot make meetings

GSC (Zita)
-Updating student code of conduct based off of other schools -Hosting Friendsgiving Event w/Food in GSC Review, November 17th, 2015 -Happy Hour, November 18th, 2015, first 50 people get free drink
CME (Nathaniel)
-Committee adopted 3 new policies
-(1) Clarifying requesting absences during clinical rotations and no sick policy so currently working on this
-(2) Creating non-clinical electives such as medical spanish which will appear on student transcripts w/o credit
-(3) Defining what constitutes supervision in the clinic, i.e. in same room or two beds away - anyone with a school of medicine faculty appointment or under guidance of attending phys

Communications (Evelyn)
-Committee chair not present
-Help us send recruiting emails

Social Committee (Anna C and Jenn)
-Holiday Party will be December 9th, gift exchange, business casual

Intro to MSTP (Alana)
-Committee chair not present

Faculty Council (Jenn)
-Committee chair not present
Women’s Group (Pam and Zita)
-Went rock climbing

Community Service (Yorleny)
-Will send out an email about final plans, book drive is #1, tutoring @ church of the covenant
BGSO (Bryan)
-Volunteer opportunities:
-Sunday, 12/13, 1-3 pm, Bingo leaders are needed at the Ronald McDonald House.
-Sunday, 1/17, 9:30 am-noon, Breakfast Bag Makers at the Ronald McDonald House.
-Anyone interested please email me at
-Bake sale, 11/18, 11-1:30 pm, Bake Sale, BRB lobby--> Come buy some desserts and support BGSO community outreach programs.

Alumni (Anna C)
-No updates

Schedule reminders:
Nov 19-20 - Interview group 4
Nov 24 - Monthly dinner meeting, 5:45 PM, Analisa DiFeo, PhD location TBD
Dec 2 - Agre Society, 5:45 PM Lalitha Nayak, MD Lakeside 3108
Dec 3-4 - Interview Group 5
Dec 9 - MSTP Holiday Party, 6-9 PM, College Club of Cleveland


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